A sprinkler system installed in your home is a great defense against fire. However, these systems are not just something you have installed and then forget about. On the contrary, your home’s sprinkler system will need proper care and regular maintenance to ensure they are working proper. After all, you don’t want to be put in a situation where the sprinklers are desperately needed but, because you neglected them, they won’t work. Experts say that a sprinkler system that is properly cared for will help reduce the amount of property loss that occurs during a house fire.

How to Properly Maintain your In-Home Sprinkler System

Proper Sprinkler Maintenance isn’t Difficult

Far too often, homeowners are under the misconception that providing proper maintenance to their sprinkler system is too difficult for them to handle. This just isn’t the case and a lot of the required regular maintenance can be done by the homeowner. Simple verify via visual inspection that the shutoff water valves are always assessable and open. If your system has a storage tank, make sure it is full at all times. Any pipes that are located in attics should be insulated properly to ensure they don’t freeze in the cold winter months. Furthermore, you should check do a flow test every once in a while to ensure everything in that department is functioning properly. You can test the flow by finding the valve marked flow test and then slowly opening it to let the water flow. Keep the value open for about 1 minute. If you’re sprinkler system is connected to a fire alarm, testing the value will cause it to go off. Because of this, you should let your alarm company know that you will be performing a flow test beforehand so they won’t dispatch the fire department to your house.

Check for Blocked Components

Despite your best efforts, things happen and sometimes the sprinkler components become blocked by shelves, décor, boxes or other household items. If you notice any components, including cover plates or the heads of the sprinklers, are blocked, moved the item that is blocking them. This simple maintenance step is vital to the proper functioning of the sprinklers.

Seek the Help of a Professional

The best maintenance for the system comes from a trusted professional who provides sprinkler services in Cleveland. They have the proper knowledge and tools to keep the sprinklers working the way they are designed to.