USB security software is an essential solution to have in many scenarios, especially in larger commercial networks where information leak is something that needs to be prevented as much as possible. Also, for businesses which regularly rely on their computers for their day-to-day functioning, it is of utmost importance that computers do not end up getting bogged down by malware or other technical problems. In commercial or public networks especially, unrestricted usage of USB devices is something that should be avoided, since USB drives can contain malware or be used for leaking important, confidential information.

USB security software provides users with an important additional safeguard that will give network administrators and the owners of home computers alike a higher degree of power over how other people use their systems. One such solution which provides everything you need for USB security is Everstrike’s USB Security software. Using this solution, you can help protect your computers from the connection of any unauthorized USB devices, though it will not simply block off the ports entirely. What it does allow you to set restrictions on is hardware such as USB memory card readers, flash disks and other removable USB storage. The program will not cause any problems for other types of USB device such as USB printers, keyboards and other input devices. These can continue to be used as normal.

USB Security will allow you to secure individual computers such as in the case of home use or entire networks. This makes the software extremely versatile, making it highly useful in all sorts of different scenarios ranging from small, single computer home installations or entire networks over extensive commercial installations. When used on a network-wide basis, USB Security can also be centrally deployed and managed, allowing network administrators to easily enforce their security policies from one, central location. Helping to control file transfers, guard against potential information leak and prevent infections from malware, this simple, yet powerful utility provides a solution that in many cases should be considered essential.

Using the program’s settings, administrators can easily set a white-list of USB devices deemed as safe. These can include devices such as printers, scanners, or anything else in addition to USB storage devices which are explicitly allowed by the administrator. It is perfectly possible, an easy, to allow access to specific USB storage devices which, using the software, you can assign passwords to for added security. This means, that when such a device is connected to a computer running USB security, it will prompt the user for a password before they can continue.

USB Security is also completely unobtrusive. It runs invisibly in the background and is completely undetectable to PC users. It will not bombard the user with any warning messages or pop-up windows unless explicitly configured by the system administrator to do so. Another thing that administrators will certainly appreciate is the fact that the software can be installed and managed from the central server computer. Settings can be applied this way for all of the computers across the network.