How is it running? Do you maintain it well? Do you have a security system to it? Does it shine and look attractive?

If you think I’m talking about your car, excuse me for this, but I ain’t! These were all about your website. Maybe you are confused and went back to those questions and would be thinking “what all these questions have to do with my website?” But let me assure you, they are all about your website. I can prove it!

This post is only about shining your website just like the way your car shines.

Many online businesspersons or website owners complain that their website is losing business. They’ve given it a marvelous web design. They outsourced the best web development company. They even have the best SEO, internet marketing and content writing service. But yet something is still off the beam! Well, first let me assure you, if you would have the best web development company beside you, you wouldn’t be complaining this. So it is the right time to outsource the web development company that isn’t the best for themselves but for your business. And secondly, to make sure you have the best web services, you have to be conversant yourself. This doesn’t mean you’ve to be an expert but a basic understanding is pretty enough.

How To Keep Your Site Shining Like A Car

In this post I’ll be sharing some idea to give shining look to your website, to keep it upright.

Keep It Shiny Like Your Car

  • Keep the platform and add-ons updated
  • Don’t let anyone to access the admin panel. Keep it with yourself and/or with someone more precise knowledge and skills. The editing must not be done without prior consent from the concerned person(s).
  • Ask your outsourced web designers to give a design which can’t be resisted to let go.
  • Add new features, edit the oldies and get rid of the unnecessary or out-of-date features.
  • Don’t let go your outsourced web development company. They’re the specialists and they know how to shine your website like your car.

Best Practices To Give Your Website A Shiny Look For Long

Once your website is up running, it is time to maintain it. So don’t stand back from your web development company. To keep up running, make sure the web developers are following the below steps:

  • Keep the content up to the mark
  • Apprise your web developers with revised content
  • Make sure the developers are backing-up the website. Some of the commonly used backup tools are:
    • BackupBuddy (WordPress)
    • CodeGuard
    • DropMySite
  • Depending on the website, at least once a month appraise and maintain to recondition the website. The items which needs to reviewed are
    • The text
    • The plugins
    • Themes
    • Contact info
    • Sitemap
    • URLs
    • The services or products
  • With every step a record must be kept, detailing:
    • Key findings
    • Variations done or required
    • Conflicts

Maintenance Tools

  • Monitoring and updating your website
    • WpRemote
    • Versionista
    • VisualPing
    • WatchThatPage
    • UpdatePatrol
  • Site security
    • WordFence
    • iThemes Security Pro
    • SiteLock

What You’ve To Do Next?

Weather you’ve a small or simple website, a regular tuning and maintenance is required. You don’t want to compromise your business by handling the tasks to some abominable web developers. So reach the web development company, which is capable to keep your website shiny and ever business generating.