Intuit’s QuickBooks has already proven as the best account managing software for small and medium businesses. QuickBooks handles all the accounting work in an unconventional way and let you relax. It takes care of your bank accounts, transactions, payrolls, total expenses and more.

However, every advance tool is vulnerable for different errors. QuickBooks is also not the exception. Users of QuickBooks face different types of errors in different steps while using it.

Error code 6000 is one amongst all the common errors occur while using QuickBooks Support. This 6000 error also has different variations, which arise in different steps, such as -6000 -77, 80, 83, 107, 304, 305, 816, etc. Some common variations are – 6000 -83, 77 and 80.

Error 6000 – 77 – Its Reason and Solution:

This type of error occurs during opening a company file. It can occur because of:

  • The location of the company file is an external media, not a local or network drive
  • If QuickBooks is referencing a mapped drive while opening the company file
  • Unable to communicate during QuickBooks is running multi-user
  • Incorrect folder permissions on the location folder of the company file

In most of the cases, the issue get resolved after restarting the system. If that doesn’t work, then user can try using QuickBooks Tech Support File Doctor to troubleshoot the problem. If still the problem is not resolved then users can try the steps bellow:

  • If the company file is located on external media, copy the file to a local drive or to a network drive or to the QuickBooks file server, and open the file in QuickBooks.
  • In case the company file referencing mapped drive, open QuickBooks, choose ‘File’ and ‘Open/ Restore Company’. Then select ‘Open a company file’ and click ‘Next’. Click ‘My Network Places’, double click ‘Entire Network’, and navigate to the file location to open the file.
  • Sometime firewall software blocks communication between computers on a network. In that case, uninstall and reinstalling the software can resolve the problem.

Error 6000 – 80 – Its Reason and Solution:

This error can occur during opening a file, if:

  • Data has been converted or restored over the network
  • Multiple computers are acting as host for the QuickBooks data file
  • unable to connect the server
  • The company file is corrupted

To solve the problem:

  • Use QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool
  • Run auto data recovery or restore backed up company file
  • Copy back up file in local drive, restore it and then update. Then copy back the restored file to its original location.
  • Users can go through Intuit community forum or call QuickBooks Customer Care to get the instruction for manual resolve.

Error 6000 – 83 – Its Reason and Solution:

The reasons behind occurrence of the error are:

  • Incomplete QuickBooks installation
  • Damaged company file
  • Corrupted file location
  • Multiple Hosting is enabled to access the company file
  • Insufficient permissions for server or logged in user or QBDataServiceUserXX, to access the company file
  • Security software is blocking access to QuickBooks

Solutions to solve the error:

  • Use QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Turn off all the workstations’ hosting
  • Edit the host file
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest version
  • Check permission settings
  • Verify hosting
  • Open file from different location
  • Configure the firewall or security software
  • Copy the file in local drive, restore and update it

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