Weddings are meant to be a beautiful experience. Our priorities will create differences in the ideologies of weddings. While some people prefer a colorful and expensive wedding, others opt for an eco-friendly one. The latter are cautious about the environment and the expenses incurred from the event. They seek the best eco-friendly wedding catering company that will meet their needs within the set budget. This article will discuss some of the factors that should be considered when selecting an eco-friendly wedding catering company.


Cost Effective

Your selected eco-friendly wedding catering company should meet your needs without straining the set budget. The company should strive to make the ceremony provisions available using the present resources. A budget effective wedding fits in the class of eco-friendly through affordability and attainment of the required quality.

Venue Selection

The venue of the wedding is a great determinant of other factors of a wedding. For instance, the venue will help in selection of the wedding attires. If you are setting up by the beach you will opt for light outfit. In case of wedding catering companies that operate within the eco-friendly boundary, you need to select a venue that promotes nature without posing any threats. You can settle for botanical gardens and hill tops that offer convenient and modern amenities such as toilets. Outdoor settings reduces the cost of energy since you can use the natural lighting for the sun. Therefore, make sure that your wedding planner is able to secure a convenient eco-friendly area for your reception.

Wedding Gown

Some brides will prefer it when the wedding planners or caterers select their gowns based on their specifications. If you are doing an eco-friendly wedding, you do not have to settle for a boring green color. Instead, you can order one that has been made from recycled material. This will also make it cost effective. When dealing with your bridal team, give them a chance to choose their designs or an outfit that is within their budget. All you need is select a color. You can seek economical advice from your caterers.

Food Selection

When hosting an eco-friendly wedding, most people will stick to the veggie routine. Talking to your caterers will help you attain the desired menu that will be enough for all your visitors. The caterers can combine different veggies that are in season to provide variety for the visitors. You should go for a caterer that is flexible in terms of the menu. The cake can also use some of the healthy veggie products as well as the desserts.


Every bride deserves a beautiful bunch of flowers during the special day. When dealing with an eco-friendly wedding, make sure your catering company is able to avail the most economical flowers. Most companies will go for the flowers that in season and fit the budget. The same case applies to the decoration. Cut on the cost and still preserve the environment.

In conclusion, people have different ways of appreciating nature. Similar to other weddings, the preferences will depend on the bride and groom. One person may view an eco-friendly wedding as a boring approach while another prioritizes it. Eco-friendly wedding catering companies spotted the gap created by the love for nature to strive in not only providing the best environment for weddings but also at an affordable price. It does not have to be all green to fit in the eco-friendly classification. All you need is to provide a cost effective approach of staging the event by using eco-friendly resources that are readily available.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.