If you have limited space on your product, but need to provide customers with more detailed information, then a multi-layered label offers a versatile solution.

Peel and Reveal

Peel and Read, or Peel and Reveal labels as they are sometimes known, allow a product to carry a wealth of information in a small space. Where a normal label must contain the most important details relating to your product, a multi-layered label can give you the room to deliver secondary information, whether it be in another language, more in-depth instructions, recipes or even promotional material.

The wide-ranging applications offer the opportunity for creativity and can really set your product apart from your competitors.

New EU regulations are set to come in to force this year requiring more information to be added to labels with nutrition labelling becoming mandatory in the UK. If you are worried that your labels need to be updated to be legally compliant and you are concerned that you will not have the room to do so then look no further than a multi-layered label to fix the problem.

By using a peel and read solution your product can still be labelled in an eye-catching design while the necessary information required by law can be placed on the underside and second layer of your label giving you up to three times the space as on a conventional label.

Give Your Customers More With Multi-Layer Labels

Thinking Outside the Box

While you may be considering multi-layer labels to keep up with current legislation, there may be opportunities you hadn’t considered that can add value to your products and enhance your customer’s experience.

When your customers are happy with your product and more engaged with it through the interaction that peel and read labels can provide you are more likely to gain repeat business, brand loyalty and have your product recommended to others.

As well as the applications a multi-layer label can provide with nutritional information or multiple languages there is real scope to use the Peel and Reveal technology to run a promotional marketing campaign or competition, with the label being peeled back to reveal a unique code or competition entry details, this can be used to direct customers to enter their details online, thus increasing traffic to your website and engaging even more with your audience.

Other potential avenues to consider are recipes which use your product and show off its versatility, encouraging people to see it in a whole new light and use it more.

All in all, the multi-layered label gives you a great opportunity to share information with your customers without having to change your packaging in any way. Using modern printing technology, with up to 8 colours available on a variety of materials, enables you to keep costs low but have a huge impact in a simple, functional and effective way.

Good product marketing understands that some of the most important work must be done at the point of sale. An excellent advertising and digital marketing campaign will only go so far – if rival products look better on the shelf, good advertising may be a wasted effort.

Rob Lorkins works for the leading UK label manufacturer, Labelnet. Based in Ongar, Essex, Labelnet design and manufacture high quality branded labels, stickers and packaging.