All working sites are subject to some health risks or some potential hazards, be it any industry, corporate, factory or an office. So, there is a great need to arrange security and safety at all these working sites. Use of some kind of safety signs and indications can help alarming one for certain risk or danger involved to a workplace. These days, cube safety signs are in a great use due to several advantages. In big countries of the world like the USA, UK, or others, these cube safety signs can be seen at varied commercial sites. Basically, they aim to offer multiple signage for multiple work environments for eliminating the threats or health risks. From these safety signs, you can display elements like first aid, health, construction, fire or any other warning sign at varied locations in a building. It encourages awareness among workers of that place.

Due to exceptional usages and great advantages of using cube safety signs, higher authorities in every concerned organization should strictly make relevant provisions to offer required signage at work premises. Depending upon the need, there are varied kinds of signage available to choose from. Here we have listed few commonly used signage of this time.

Prohibition Signage –

Designed in red colour symbols mean to stop people from a certain type of behaviour to lessen the risks. For example, fire safety or no parking signals.

Signage For Warning –

Comes in yellow colour, these warning signage clearly indicates the threat or danger. So, it is suggested to follow each instruction given inside to eliminate impending danger. For instance, slippery surface, construction symbols.

Safe Condition Signage –

These signage come in green colour and indicate to follow one’s own safety always. For instance, emergency stop, assembly point, fire exit and first aid etc.

Mandatory Signage –

These signage are represented by blue colour and feature instructions which have to be followed to eliminate the danger or threat. For instance, wear helmet or road signs.

All the signage types mentioned above are general awareness signs; however, there are some certain safety signs that have some particular meanings and usages which we are going to understand here.

Signage For Building –

Generally, at a construction site, you will find the maximum use of signage. The reason for the same is the greater potential for accidents or any other sort of physical danger. As in these sites, bulky loads and heavy machinery are being used, they often remain in danger. Therefore, to aware people about safety, the use of building signage is the best solution.

Signs For First Aid –

In emergency time, when anyone gets injured, he should immediately rush for availing first aid for reducing the injury impact. For such cases, the use of first aid kit, eyewash solution or medical room signage can prove beneficial.

Fire Safety Signage –

During the fire, a fire signage can help in emergency evacuation. At that time, fire extinguishers and fire blankets should be available at workplace as they help damage.

All of these safety signs play a great role in lessening the impact of any unfavourable event at workplace.