Since there has been the progressive use of the internet for spreading commerce solutions, one thing is constantly in demand – the need to transform along with changing consumer needs. The businesses need to follow the way their customers interact with their sites while purchasing just like traditional brick-and-mortar stores adapt to offer competitive prices than other retailers.

Create Remarkably Unique Website With Latest Web Design Trends

As we all are shifting towards a mobile-driven landscape- and one where completely flawless buying is the holy grail- there is a need to think the change with the ever evolving needs of the buyer. Considering this critical need, three top trends of web design are detailed below:

1)   Interactive Storytelling: One of the hyped topics of discussion online is the storytelling techniques – how businesses can do better in telling their stories to potential customers and can establish a better connection. Interactive storytelling is no doubt a good advice, but at the same time it has been pressurising business owners to work really hard to figure out a compelling story and most importantly, best way to put it in front of customers.

Some companies are doing well, but there are many who are still struggling with the storytelling thing. This is not much superficial as it has been showcased; there are lot of tools available online like WordPress that can help you to design a story with appropriate media including images, videos, audio and much more.

Therefore, brand storytelling comes up as a robust and affordable way to have an interactive connection with customers and set you apart from others in the market.

2)   Web-Pages with Rich Background Themes: Background of the site’s pages is one of most ignored component of the web design. If used properly, it can really do the wonders with the sales and conversion ratio. Simple and dark backgrounds are not in the trend anymore. You are likely to miss an attractive opportunity for grabbing the attention of the visitors.

It’s time you should look out for something new beyond the static pages. You can consider using videos that will open a whole new world of opportunities. Make sure to check video relevancy with the story you want to convey to target audience.

3)   No More Clicking: Forget about all your worries about poorly integrated navigational items or multiple drop-downs, a single-page site will offer a pleasing experience to the end-user. In fact, one-page websites are a perfect go if you want to highlight the interactive storytelling. You will definitely notice remarkably increasing conversions.

If you are about to create a new website or revamp the existing one, you must consider these trends to attract maximum customers within very first glance or visit of your website.

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Kristy Bernales is working with Web Design Experts, Melbourne. She is exceptionally creative. She never works restrictively keeping traditional practices in mind. She loves experimenting and giving her designs a zingy touch that sets her apart from other designers. Follow her cool tips and ideas.