The Indian Education System is often criticized for its methods and educational policies. As far as a student is concerned, the education he receives through the Indian Curriculum is one that consists majorly or entirely of subjective knowledge. While the world continues to evolve, critics blame the Indian policies of education for its lack of reformation and uniqueness. While developing nations focus on largely adopting new and improved methods, Indian system of education consistently drains it with outdated policies. Pursuit of Education in India is a question often raised by students. They are reluctant to be blindfolded by the incapable educational level in the country. While Education in India largely cultivates students for the industrial and economic sector, they often waste away without ideas and innovations. This is greatly on account of the obsolete policies followed by the education sector which depreciates the able students of their potential. The greatest drawback of Indian Education is the limited support to creative thinking. The country largely aims at producing the best of results but refrain from adopting the necessary measures for it. In India, education is largely focused on a competitive level.

Students are forced to compete in entrance examinations and national level examinations to cross examine themselves against others. This however is not necessarily an effective method of student valuation. All the nation is promoted book worms and mathematical geniuses while downsizing the imaginative and creative few. The nation puts in a considerable amount of effort to award the academic excellences, awarding them on various occasions and functions. The dormant capability in students to think and understand things in their own unique way is often overlooked and rarely promoted. New ideas and creativity is what the nation predominantly needs and not a bunch of overgrown book worms. While recognizing the ability to grasp and pass out examinations with high grades, the inner potential of students who think differently and idealistically must be given a huge amount of appreciation and concern. While we stare away from this massive talent, we are ineffectively wasting away the fruits of tomorrow to the battery of weather and seasons.

Another major drawback of the Indian Education System is the attitude and methodology of the teachers. Most teachers across the country teach for the sake of teaching. You might have often heard your teacher say that regardless of whether you learn or not, he gets paid at the end of the month. They impart education the way they grabbed it and makes little room for the creative thoughts of the students he tutor. Teaching is often regarded just as a profession forgetting the actual divinity and social service it offers. In order to develop further, we must take an initiative to reform the Indian education system completely transforming it to support and encourage the dreamers of tomorrow. The methodology of imparting education must be remolded to suit it to the growing requirement of the country. Teaching needs to be seen as an art of self-giving to contribute to a better tomorrow. While we build a stronger system of education, it is the backbone of a developing nation we are strengthening. With better education grows a better and brighter nation altogether.