The brand history leaves a very strong impact on the logo design. If a businessman wants to launch a new brand in the market, then your color and design choices would be catchier and more attractive than visionary and communicative. Imagine that Nike hires you to redesign the ‘tick mark’ logo. The company providing Custom Logo design services will have to be more imaginative about the vision, message and ideology of the brand history rather than going straight into the logo designing software and creating a colorful bouquet out of it.

Logo Designing For Branding - Brand Questions To Ask Before Designing A Logo

Before designing a logo, you must add a few brand questions in your creative brief.

1. What Does The Brand Name Reflect?

All the brand names refer to some fundamental concept. For example, Nike stands for the Goddess of Victory according to a Greek mythology. However, this is the basic reflection of the Nike word. The brand Nike might have a different concept than the concept of Nike word. Similarly, Wikipedia stands for the brief information about a word. The concept has originated from the Encyclopedia. However, the brand Wikipedia is a non-profit organization.

2. Why Did You Choose This Name For Your Business?

This question dates back to the time when the brand was originally founded. This is a very important question, as the customs and concepts of that time might be very different from the concept of the present time. You might also grab some very interesting point through this question for your logo design.

3. What is The Business Story?

Get a complete knowledge of how the brand proceeded as a business. It includes marketing strategies and corporate behavior of the brand. Some brand survive the financial or social ups and downs during their business history. For such brands, you can pick the element of strength for the logo.

4. What Is Unique in Business?

Uniqueness is often described as USP in terms of business and marketing. The unique element of a brand is the specific reason that makes it stand one in a hundred or thousand. Brand uniqueness is one of the most used elements for custom logo designing.

5. What Is The Brand Personality? The Brand Persona!

The answer of this question is a complete compilation of all the features of a brand. You must include this question in your creative brief. Some logo designs, with simply the colors of the brand elements or personality, have been awarded for being the most creative and communicative logos.