Public relations have never been more important than they are today. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on any subject, but left unmanaged and uninfluenced; these opinions can often spiral out of control, creating effects that are often undesired and sometimes catastrophic.


We used to be in awe of the power of the press, but that is infinitesimal when compared to the power of the Internet. Whereas the press reaches hundreds of thousands in any national geographic areas, the Internet influences mega millions of people across the globe.


Bad PR can Seriously Damage your Health


Having bad PR will seriously damage any reputation, affecting the ability of people and corporations to go about their daily business. Take the case of Northern Ireland.


It was only a few years ago (between 1968 and 1985) that the so-called “troubles” in Northern Ireland were rife. Riots, tear gas, rubber bullets and terrorist bombings were the order of the day. In the city of Belfast, areas such as “the Falls Road” and “the Shankhill Road” were virtual no go zones. In terms of both economy and tourism, Northern Ireland was the poison chalice, thanks to the frequent bad PR released on national TV and in the national press.


Mud Sticks


Even after the troubles came to an end in 1985, holidaymakers and business enterprises were still reluctant to visit or invest in Northern Ireland due to the previous bad publicity. Things have now, however, improved since those dark days, and more recently, Prime Minister David Cameron offered a serious injection of optimism that has helped to remodel Northern Ireland’s PR.


A Ringing Endorsement


The recent G8 summit in Northern Ireland has been of substantial benefit. It has sent a positive signal to all and sundry that Northern Ireland is now a safe venue for politics, business and leisure. When the Prime Minister said “it’s only when you come here and see for yourself do you realise how beautiful it is, and we clearly encourage many more people to do just that”, it added an enormous boost to the areas flagging reputation. It’s not often that you get such a ringing endorsement from the likes of the Prime Minister of the UK.


Capitalising on Great PR

Northern Ireland’s tourist board is only too pleased to welcome this latest great PR. They recognise that the positive global media attention that holding the G8 summit in Northern Ireland has created is of enormous benefit. It has given them the chance to showcase the newly peaceful and potentially prosperous Northern Ireland on the global stage, changing the world’s previous negative preconceptions. David Cameron’s words have taken the new positive PR to another level, underpinning the area’s credibility as a new world business and leisure destination.


Positive PR Creates Opportunity


It all goes to show the power of PR. Good PR will seriously enhance any individual or corporate chance of success, so employing the services of an industry specialist, such as Rumpus PR, to manage your reputation, can prove to be a really worthwhile investment in creating opportunities for the future.


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