An obstetrician came up with the idea of pelvic floor exercises and so they are also called as Kegel exercises. Such exercises helps people to deal with the condition of SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence). The pelvic floor exercises makes the pelvic floor quite stronger and helps an individual to tighten the muscles in the area before the pressure increases in the abdomen. There are professional individuals known as continence physiotherapist or advisor who teach these exercises. The basic thing about the pelvic floor exercises is to identify the right pelvic muscles and then contract them correctly.

Interesting Facts About Pelvic Floor Exercises

The correct muscles can be found out by trying to stop or slow down the urine flow. Doing this you can figure out the muscles which are to be targeted.  Such an activity should not be done regularly as it will retain the urine in the body, which is not at all good. Well, now you might have realized that the entire movement which happens is inward and upward. It is very important to do the exercise in the right way so as to get the desired results. When you start doing the exercise, place your hands on your buttocks and abdomen and see if the buttocks, thighs and belly do not move at all. If such movements do not happen, you are on the right track. The legs are not to be squeezed while doing the pelvic floor exercises.

Slow contractions of such muscles help to enhance the strength of the pelvic floor so that the urine can be held back. On the other hand, the fast contractions helps the pelvic floor to deal with the pressure. Such exercises should be included in the daily routine and it is advisable that a quick contraction should be done just before a person laughs, sneezes or coughs. Now, it is very important to check the progress after some days when the exercise is done daily. The strength can be checked by starting to urinate till the bladder is half full and then stop the flow.

Pelvic floor exercises are simple and a cheap way to overcome the condition of urination incontinence. Not only this, they are highly effective and a person can do it anytime without any equipment. Such exercises show noticeable results after around 15 weeks. So, such exercises can be done by people who face such issues and without taking any medicines, a condition like this can be handled. Stay healthy and do these exercises if you suffer from such an ailment.

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