After the launch of Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Samsung revealed the high-end tablet in the 2014, in the same lineup the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The tab is interesting not because of its filling but also the display is very interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: Design and Performance

From the design immediately evident and hints that the two tablet belong to the same product line. But they still have differences in orientation. If Galaxy Tab S 10.5 intended for use primarily in landscape mode, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 focused on portrait mode.

The back of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 has a titanium color, and frame – copper color, but this combination will not please everyone. Of course, you can buy 8.4-inches tablet also in the version “Dazzling White”. Traditionally, Samsung tablet used plastic housing, improved soft-coated back. Despite the choice of materials and small thickness, tablet in hand seems to be sufficiently reliable in quality manufacturing complaints. Two rings are used to secure the rear cover, but Samsung sells separately, the package cover is not included.

Typically for Samsung main Android buttons placed outside the display, they are implemented in the form of sensory or physical buttons. Supplied cable for charging and data transfer, as well as the power supply, moreover they do not match the color of the tablet. Even with a version of “Titanium Bronze” you get the white charging.

Compact tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is designed for use in portrait mode. Samsung adhered thin and light design; the side edges of the display are narrow, so that the tablet can be easy to use with one hand.

Super AMOLED display is a key feature of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. What’s interesting, we have the same resolution as that of the 10.5-inch version. Pixel density at this logically increased to 359 ppi instead of 300 ppi. Again, our measurements show the depth of black 0 cd / m², so that the contrast can be called infinite. The maximum brightness of 335 cd / m² even slightly above 10.5-inch model, as compared to other tablets decent level.

The measurements do not reflect our subjective impression of the display. Black level much deeper than conventional LCD displays, the colors also seem to be more juicy and rich. Due to the high resolution picture looks very detailed, the colors are not distorted even when you change the angle. In contrast to the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S, it uses the matrix not RGB, and PenTile, with a different arrangement of subpixels. In this case the pixel has two instead of three subpixels. However, given their high density, on the perception is not affected.

The performance of Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is really comparable to another high-end tablets. But it seems like phablet category is overcoming and eating the shares of tablets in the market. Let’s see what Samsung is going to do with the experiment of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 in the mid 2015.