Choosing the right dentist can be a challenge. Of course, you want the right team who can address and fix all of your dental issues, but you also want someone you can trust to prioritize your health and safety every step of the way. All types of dentistry, from traditional to restorative, have incorporated some form of holistic procedure or practice. As a sub-industry of its own, holistic dentistry has taken dentistry by storm with its modern approach to the mouth-body connection. But many potential patients still have doubts about its worth. Here are some reasons you should consider putting your health in the hands of a competent holistic dentist.

Why You Should Choose a Holistic Dentist

Holistic Dentistry Are Against Fluoride Treatments 

For years, all branches of dentistry believed fluoride treatments were also essential for building and maintaining healthy teeth and gums–going as far as to say it cured cavities. Many dentistry branches still believe that, but holistic dentistry knows better. Recent research links fluoride ingestion to potential arthritis, brain damage, bone fractures, cancer, dementia, immune problems, infertility, and thyroid conditions, just to name a few. So no, you won’t have to worry about fluoride treatment suggestions at Fort Lauderdale Dentist.

Kiss Amalgam Fillings Goodbye 

Mercury is one of the deadliest elements on the planet, and most people wouldn’t consider ingesting it unless they have a death wish. However, amalgam fillings are comprised of up to 50% mercury. The FDA approves of its usage for dental procedures even though they admit scientific research argues their findings. Metal amalgams have completely outlived their usefulness.

Any type of metal ingestion can harm human health and even trace amounts of mercury in fillings seep into the bloodstream over the course of years. Alzheimer’s, dementia, kidney disease, and countless other maladies are often the result. A holistic dentist plays it safe by using composite materials that are just as strong as the metal versions without releasing any of the toxins.

Holistic Dentists Provide Natural Solutions

Ignore your oral health long enough, and chances are you’re in for a painful experience in any dentist’s chair. Holistic dentists don’t perform root canals and will opt for solutions that avoid tooth pulling. Wisdom teeth are left alone whenever possible. X-rays are rarely performed. A holistic dentist will test each patient for biocompatibility prior to performing a procedure. Infrared devices and holistic pain relief alternatives are always chosen instead of harsh medicinal painkillers. Not only do chemical-free solutions work faster and help speed healing, they’re also safer and are less likely to be rejected by the body.

Holistic Dentists Can Discover and Help Treat Other Health Issues

It’s been scientifically proven that many serious diseases and hidden conditions display symptoms in the mouth. Ancient Asian cultures discovered and practiced this long before Western medicine came around to the notion. Modern holistic dentists now utilize the Meridian Tooth Chart to help their patients understand how the mouth-body connection works.

This is quite different from traditional dentistry options that focus on the oral cavity alone. By focusing on how the body and mouth react to one another, your Fort Lauderdale holistic dentist can help relieve you from IBS, mood disorders, concentration issues, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and many more serious issues without a single prescription. Why wait another day to feel better?