The land of our earth provides so much healthy food for us, but we are nowhere near to understand the importance of each food particle and its benefits to our daily life. Consuming different healthy vegetables and fruits are always helpful for us as we learned that long before. However, significantly, there are many benefits are provided by the food items grown naturally, these natural foods will helps us in different aspects of life. One of those benefits is mental and psychological growth will be better by consuming these foods. Many people concentrate on the physical fitness, but studies reveal that a successful person requires mentally stable and fresh mind, so let us see what are the foods that helps us stay fit mentally/psychologically.

Olive Oil

Olive oil helps us in many different ways, its not just an oil, but it is a monounsaturated fat oil. It helps us in controlling the emotions comes out from us, a study conducted recently on several volunteers revealed that a diet rich olive oil can protect us from mental illness. If the fat contents of oil high intake then the depression levels vary in us, in this study conducted over 6 years revealed the same thing. Higher intake of olive oil consumers are finding they were facing lower depression levels. It supplies the oxygen to the brain, which will leads stay sharp and it controls blood supply in our body.


Millets are one of the powerful food products, these foods supply sufficient energy to us. Eating uncooked or steamed millets will provide bulk energy to us, fiber in the millets is very helpful for us in the digestion process. Every morning, taking a cup of soup made with millet will energies you and keeps you sharp all the day, you feel the freshness till the evening. The amount calories are less of these foods so consuming them is not a big issue and keeps the Brain healthy which reflects on positive behavior.


Fish meat is always stayed better for our health with lower calories and high protein. The human body can’t produce Omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in the fishes, but we need these acids in our body. The EFA omega-3 found in fishes are very much important to our children because it helps in brain development. The meat of the fish is stayed as low cholesterol meats so it’s better than consuming red meat. When these fatty acids are consumed the brain will be energized and stays sharp and provides good mental health.