When stress has us down, we worry only about being tired and getting out of the gloom soon. We are not aware of the internal effects that stress has for us at the moment or over a long term. Chronic stress can be detrimental to body, mind and soul. While it can alter the physiology of the body for worse, the mind is never peaceful and the behavior of the person slowly changes in aggression or depression. All in all a person is a slave to stress, in case you are wondering how to get out of the clutches of the day to day stress, holistic approach can look into this aspect. Yoga is a natural therapy that works magically against stress. It is a physical and mental exercise together, an amalgamation that allows complete focus on oneself. Yoga is an age old stress buster that has been used since the Ancient India disclosed it to the whole world.

Yoga And Its Significance

Yoga is construed to be a set of exercises that has to be done like any other physical exercises. But yoga is an integral part of lifestyle, the way you sit, stand, walk, sleep, work, how you practice yourself. Yoga is to make changes in diet, meditation, exercises and behavior. It is a relaxation and stress management tool that treats the mind and body together. The regular practice of yoga every day will help you to stick to life in a more positive way so that you keep stress at bay. Yoga redefines what you eat, how you eat, how you breathe. Yoga is all about discipline. It teaches the body to relax and mind to calm down. This will help you to take control as a soul in your body and mind. There are several benefits of yoga for the health and fitness of the body. Doctors suggest you to exercise and meditate regularly as it can significantly improve many diseases that arise due to metabolic malfunctioning of the body. There have been so many research and studies that have provided evidence for the health benefits of yoga.

Health Benefits

Yoga can be a powerful tool against stress related diseases such as asthma, heart diseases, hypertension, hypothyroidism, muscle pain, fibromyalgia etc. Also regular yoga and pranayama has helped many to improve the breathing problems and oxygenate every cell in the body. This has reduced the extent of oxidative damage to the body that is expected to reduce the vulnerability of the person to cancer or oxidation induced cellular damage or necrosis. Certain postures of yoga are aimed at controlling and improvising the digestion and metabolism of nutrients we ingest. Power yoga is a good option if you want to lose weight. Do not allow stress to take the best out of you. Try to weed out stress and its deleterious effects on the body by practicing yoga. Though yoga cannot be used as an alternate cure for the diseases it has a huge impact on the disease and how these medicines can be more effective in treating the disease.