Hair transplant is one of the most common ways to overcome baldness. It is a sure-shot method to regain lost hair. It is a secure surgical procedure but its success is not totally risk-free. It is a good idea to visit a hair transplant expert so as to be well aware of the overall technique and the risks associated with this procedure.

Though this surgery gifts you the missing smartness to flaunt, there are few side-effects associated with this procedure that you probably don’t know of. Read on to find out…

#1: Haemorrhage and infections

Haemorrhage is a risk factor if the surgery fails. It is seen in the grafting process. It should thus be a priority for you to know that the doctor performing your surgery is an experienced doctor and has done such procedures before. Just to be on the safer side, you can ask for some patient references whom you can talk to and know for sure that the doctor has done successful hair transplant surgeries before.

Infection is a frequent risk factor in such surgeries. The primary reason is the application of incorrect and unsanitary instruments for surgery. Therefore, it is important to have this treatment done in a recognized and good clinic.

Try to read some reviews about the clinic chosen and involve in some local forum discussions to find out more about experiences of people. If not anything, you will surely get a good list of preventive care questions to ask your operating surgeon before the procedure.

10 Possible Side-Effects Of Hair Transplant You Probably Didn't Know Of

#2: Short-term thinning of hair

Though it happens occasionally but if owing to certain problems during surgery, hair transplant method fails, it may lead to thinning of hair due to hair loss.

#3: Itching

It occurs due to formation of scab. It can be managed by correct shampooing under the doctor’s guidance and also by using moisturizing oil.

#4: Scarring

Strip plantations of new hair are responsible for scarring. It is seen more in people with short hairstyle.

#5: Cysts

This occurs because the hair follicles are injured and they penetrate deeper into the layers of skin. They are minute lumps and are non-dangerous but it is advisable to visit a doctor if cyst is observed on the surgical area.

#6: Hiccoughs

These are one of the unwanted observations seen in such transplants. If they are causing a lot of trouble, then it is advisable to visit the doctor instantly.

#7: Swelling

It can be generally observed on the scalp of few patients but if it is increasing to the eyes and forehead, then you should pay an immediate visit to the doctor. If the swelling is ordinary, it will tend to cease soon.

#8: Bleeding

It is a very uncommon risk factor observed after hair transplant. It happens owing to a lot of pressure on the scalp. This type of injury heals as time passes by.

#9: Pain

It is a short-term risk factor and tends to cease with time.

#10: Numbness

After few weeks of the surgery, patients can feel numbness. If it’s not decreasing, then a doctor’s visit is a must.

By Aditi Tyagi

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