Advanced research and treatments have brought so many remedies and solutions for human to care more for the skin, and apply science, such that the aged skin may regain its old tone and texture, and look a few years younger. Although you can never recycle the age of the skin in truth, you certainly can try things that would work, and make you look younger. There are creams and ointments, oils and patches, and many super foods too, which all can help. And then, there is the Botox injection for instant miraculous results which everyone and you would notice. The injections can make you look a lot younger and there is a nice science behind that.

What are Botox Injections?

Botox is basically a toxin, which is helpful for men when used in controlled quantities in controlled ways. There is a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum, and the injections are derived from the toxin produced by that bacterium. Thus the name, Botox is derived. There are many other brand names for this, but the main ingredient is the botulinum toxin.

The Action of Botox on Human Body

Botox is a Neuro toxin, and this means it affects the nerves. If the muscles and nerves are subjected to the toxin, then the nerves are paralyzed, and cannot work. Neither do they get and nor transmit impulses for the time till the toxin has its effect. And this timing is decided by the amount of toxin its exposed to. Now this same science is used in a much controlled way on the human facial skin.

How Botox Injections Work on Age Lines

There are fine lines and wrinkles which come on the human skin with time. These wrinkles will not disappear ever normally. But the muscles and skin tissues associated with the wrinkled area can be made to relax, thus making the appearance of the lines and wrinkles much smoother and to some extent totally smooth or unnoticeable.

This happens because the controlled amount of the Botox injection can paralyze the skin tissues and won’t let you move that region much. This leads to the region get relaxed and smoothen. And this form of treatment is a much effective one, and seen to succeed in most cases.

You can try this, and you would feel a tingling sensation initially, and then numbness on that patch of skin. Later, through the next 2 to 3 days you would take a little time to get adjusted to this, and finally after that you would be adjusted to the relaxed and partially paralyzed skin tissues on parts of the face which got the injection. Life will be normal and you would start getting compliments for the freshest looks. However, this is a temporary effect. In most cases after 3 to 6 months the effects of the injection start to wear out. And then you will have to repeat the injections. That is how Botox makes you look younger.