As twerking and squats have become one of the most popular pop-culture dance styles, there is a new trend of yoga or a spin-off, as some might say – termed ‘Pilates’.

There are many myths surrounding pilates and many people don’t know what exactly it is. It is a sensible and safe exercise system/routine done on a floor mat or variety of equipment. The main objective of a pilates routine is to strengthen your mind and body, provide your core strength and stability. You will observe the change in your body, the way it feels, the way it performs and how it helps you look your very best. Regularly performed pilates routines will give you a toned body, without any excess bulk and plus a flat abdomen. Pilates helps you improve your daily poster and teaches graceful movements and body awareness.

What Exactly Is Pilates?

Confusing pilates with yoga is the most popular misconception of the society. People tend to take the idea that Pilates help in weight loss; it does have its benefits, but weight loss is not one of them. Pilates exercise system helps you form your body in great shape and improves flexibility.

Pilates is a mind-body exercise that involves having a mental focus on the physical movements that are being performed. And the exercise routines that will stress over the quality movement of your body rather than quantity movement. Some other benefits of Pilates include the following:

The best exercise for the strengthening the centre of your body, it effectively makes your core stronger while making your abdominal area flat and giving you a strong back

The traditional type of exercise involves weight lifting giving you bulky muscles that are prone to injury. Whereas Pilates involves routines, which will provide stretch and flexibility to your muscles.

Most of the conventional workouts only help grow same muscles creating a proportion of weaker and stronger muscles in your body. Which provides imbalance in your body shape, as weaker muscles tend to get weaker and stronger tends to get stronger.

On the other hand, Pilates gives you a well shaped toned body and your muscle structure is balanced and conditioned. To stay in constant shape, indulge in sports activities with your friends and family.

Most of the exercises are performed in complex positions; it’s a good chance you might slip and fall. Pilates is executed in the most safest and logical manner and also helps in treating physical injuries.

It is also challenging at the same time as Pilates exercise system practice most flexible routines to get your muscles in shape. While modifying yourself from one position to another, you may counter difficulty and it might get tougher as we move towards the advanced levels. You should first start with the workout you are most comfortable with and once you get hold of that try to push it to a more intense level. You will automatically see the effective change in your body.