One of the powerful solution in the lineup of Xperia Z series arrived in the later 2014, yes we are talking about the Xperia Z3.

The new Sony Xperia Z3 got a lot of new software chips as it runs on the latest Android OS and the UI shell from the Sony. The status bar can quickly edit controllers (this is now not necessarily go into the settings). If you hold the power button now has the ability to record screen video mode. You can choose the quality (Full HD or below), orientation, you can insert a picture with the front camera. This result is stored in the gallery.

Go over the settings. It is worth noting that in the upper right corner of the search icon appears, that is now possible to search for all settings. In connections Xperia implemented the ability to display images using Google Cast technology using a device such as Chromecast. Also here you can note the appearance of support not only DualShock 3, but DualShock 4. It is useful to control game and apps, controllers are supported, as well as one of the main pieces of the new line of devices Xperia Z3 – function PS4 Remote Play. This technology allows you to broadcast your games consoles PS4 to a compatible smartphone or tablet and continue to play with them, without having to sit in front of the TV. For the most comfortable playing in the sale will mount a special joystick, on which it will be possible to plant Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact or tablet Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (older models will also receive a functional).

Working With The Beast: Sony Xperia Z3

Also, now you can manage notifications of each application. As previously possible to select display style home screen: Normal or Easy Xperia Home with large icons and the most necessary functions. In the setting of the call are still available features an integrated answering machine (which is independent of the operator), editing message templates if you cannot answer the call, noise reduction, improving caller’s voice and an equalizer to voice dynamics.

Sound Settings got a few new features. Audio Settings hide detailed settings of all musical parties of Xperia Z3. Here you can enable ClearAudio + to automatically optimize sound settings, adjust the sound effects with its own (equalizer and surround sound for the player, S-Force Front Surround for a more realistic sound stereo speakers), activate the dynamic normalizer for leveling the volume of songs, optimize the sound of the smartphone for specific models branded headsets of Sony (this is a new feature, the difference in the sound with and without the choice of different headphones palpable, but only if you disable the recovery mode treble DSEE HX in the player).

Sony continuously improving the functionality of its phone with every launch but we can’t say will Sony overcome in the market to the market giant’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7.