A trailer brake controller is safety feature that is necessary for towing trailers that are heavy. You should not expect the towing vehicle to have all the braking power to make the vehicle stop because that is not possible. A brake controller that’s been installed in the towing vehicle automatically uses the brakes when the brakes of the vehicle are working. The majority of the brake controllers only utilizes the necessary braking power, which depends on the speed. If the trailer brake controller does not have the proper adjustment, there is a chance for trailer brakes to skid or malfunction.


It can be as simple as adjusting the electrical gain, which is an important multiplier for the deceleration of the truck. Added application on the brakes leads to better trailer brake application. Although the factor on how trailer brakes engage must be the right one, or else the wheels will only give limited braking or too much. This might lead to lock-up and would not be good when you’re going fast.

  • The towing vehicle should be connected to the trailer and then plug in the electrical connection of the trailer to the receptacle that is close to the trailer hitch at the rear of the vehicle for towing.
  • Make sure to warm your vehicle’s trailer brakes and this is done by driving it at about 40 to 45 mph using the brake controller’s lever that is applied for about ¼ mile. You can start towing the rig to a balanced and dry paved area, like a parking lot on the road.
  • Do not turn off the engine and activate the power control knob connected to the brake controller and always set it at mid-point.
  • Next is to drive it up to 25 mph before releasing the accelerator because it is necessary.
  • You have to slide lever of the manual control towards the front part of the brake controller until it reaches the maximum limit.
  • You must take note of the trailer’s braking action. If in case the trailer wheels get stuck or skids on the pavement, you have to turn the lever down so it is set to the next one. If this is not enough to slow down the vehicle, move the knob up to the next adjustment.
  • Do a drive and brake test again to make the needed adjustments. You need to keep on doing adjustments until the wheel-skid is gone and have enough trailer brakes so the entire thing can be slowed down.
  • Test drive again and utilize the brake pedal of the towing vehicle so the rig stops of slows down. You can make further adjustments on fine-tuning the knob located on the brake controller. You might have to do this until you are sure that trailer brakes are already slowing down and stopping correctly without skidding or grabbing.

How To Properly Adjust The Trailer Brake Controller

What you need to know

You might have to get used to the power knob found on the brake controller if there is a change in the weather and weight load. There can be a decrease in the braking power, which is needed when the roads become slippery. This might call for more power when you are carrying a heavier load.

Trailering is normally done so that you will find your hobby enjoyable, regardless if you love camping, boating, horse-riding, or anything. The fun part in the hobby is that it must be equal to the needed amount of weight when going fast. Braking, as all people know, is a very important element of safety. It is only an element, but the hitch, trailer lights, trailer, and vehicles for towing are factors you need to consider and look for solutions when performing any task for trailering. You should have a lot of fun, but you need to be safe while doing it. Trailer brake controllers are very essential to the enjoyment of towing.

You should follow the tips mentioned in this article so you can adjust the trailer brake controller properly and you won’t have any problem while on the road. Braking is important and you must do what you can to ensure that it is still working properly.