Generally speaking, a set of tyres can last about 6 years or between 20000 km and 60000 km. That range is so great because each set of tyres travels a unique journey.

The Circle Of A Tyre's Life

The lifespan of a set of tyres depends on various factors. For example, burning out and frequently making quick sharp turns will have the tyres worn in no time. Poor road conditions can shorten their useful life, too. Even the vehicle itself can impact how long your tyres will last. Improper wheel alignment will leave you with an improper tyres balance.

Is it time yet?

Since many drivers ignore their tyres until something goes wrong, they may be unsure as to when it is time to get new tyres. Remember that having tyres serviced and replaced before they turn on you is essential to your safety. Left ignored, you may suffer from flat a flat (which may be an untimely inconvenience) or even a blowout (which can cause serious collisions. To check the health of your tyre, consider the following:

-Age and Distance Travelled. Tyres that exceed 6 years in age or 60000 km should not be trusted. Just replace them in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

– The Tyre Balance. Uneven wearing of the tyres due to the alignment will eventually cause your car to pull to one side or the other without your permission. You may also notice a slight (or sometimes a major) vibration in the steering wheel.

-Worn Tyre Tread. The tread on your tyres is a vital part of keeping you firmly on the road in spite of water or other hazards. Check tread wear by using a simple matchstick trick. Take the fire end of the stick (not ignited, please), and place it between the grooves of the tyres. If the red tip disappears, then your tyre’s tread has not worn out. If you can see any portion of the red, you have worn tyres that need to be replaced.

-Bulgy Sidewalls. Inner frames support the body of the tyre. If that frame gets damaged by a pothole, curb, or driving at the wrong tyre air pressure, you might notice a bubble or bulge on the side of the tyre. It is hazardous to travel on a tyre in this condition, and it should be replaced immediately.

What’s It Going To Cost?

The cost of tyres is usually a downer. Many people want the lowest price because it’s hard to let go of cash that they don’t even get to “enjoy.”

Hypothetical question: if you were going bungee jumping off of a tall bridge, would you choose the cheapest bungee on the wall?

Remember that those boring, black circles are all that stands between a speeding plot of highway and the metal box you’re riding in. Since money is an object though, shop around and try to find a mid-range tyre with a price you can afford.

When you start shopping for tyres, consider going to a reputable online tyre store like Speaking with someone knowledgeable about the products can ensure that you are confident in your tyre investment.