Women’s are very desirous of looking pretty, just beautiful than others. Sadly, most of them don’t know how to do certain makeup things, which are can be done on their own. Mostly young teen girls and women’s concentrate on applying cosmetics and make-up things with their faces and hands to look so pretty and attractive. Making their hands looks attractive, sensitive and beautiful is more important, after their faces. Most of today’s girl’s look passionate by wearing bands, bangles, wrist chains and other stylish jewelleries, apart from that majority of the girls consider their finger nails too. By applying finger paints they make their fingers so beautiful and attractive, they feel awesome and confident when they look at their fingers. Painting fingers isn’t an easy job to do for every girl, it requires some skill set of steps to make it like done by a pro. Here we list few steps which will help to complete the finger paint job like a pro.

Step – 1

Before deciding to go for paint of fingers, check your present finger paint status if you have. Remove it completely before you proceed for the paint. Check the length of your nails, if you ok with longer nails precede further steps if not, cut off the excess cuticle carefully. Trim and file your nails smoothly and let them dry completely for a few minutes. Remove the previous nail paint using good nail polish remover, do it gently.

Step – 2

It is better to go to paint the fingernails after a shower; the shower makes your fingers ready for paint. Do not overwhelm and apply a thick coat at the first attempt. Thin, small layers of coatings work better, so go for 3 more thin layers of coatings. A thick coating of a single layer for takes up to 15 minutes gets dry, so use thin layer coating after a few minutes, which gives a good outcome.

Step – 3

After paint applied to your finger nails let them dry up, dipping painted fingers into cold water can help you to a quick dry. Avoid applying up to total edges of nails, leave some space little between the skins and nail. Use some cotton to clean up the stains, on the other parts of fingers. Do not touch polished nails until they dry up completely, if necessary, apply one or two thin coats of paints to the required fingers.

Step – 4

After finishing several coatings, check the thickness of the coated layers by looking at them horizontally, finish it up by applying final top coating if everything ok! The top coat of paint must make the paint look shiny and attractive. Make sure the final coat must cover the entire polished area and make it look like a single coat. Some people apply the paint unevenly on nails, it is not suggested method do it. Use the polish brush perfectly to apply an equal amount of polish to cover the total layer, don’t apply it unevenly. After total completion of painting part let the fingers dry up without any disturbance, don’t try to touch anything it may damage paint applied area. Don’t be in a hurry to check the status of paint you applied. Sit back and get relaxed! Enjoy your new painted fingers and look pretty in front of friends and others.