If we come to nail designs that are also of flower then I am sure that you will get fascinated to these nail designs of flower. As you know flowers look very awesome and cute in designs especially in the nails. If you want to look cute with your favourite flower designs than this is the best design for you because here in this design you will be able to look both cute and with your flowers. The designs that I am going to state below are some of the best design from flower nail art. If you want something unique than you can easily try out some other thing.

The best part of this category nail designs is that for adopting this nail art doesn’t need you to be master in micro art because this is as easy as it is. You can now design your nail with any color let be matching with your jewellery, shoes or your cloths. With this nail designs you have the whole freedom to choose your own type of color. But you have to make sure that the color matches with you.

For knowing more about this flower independent nail designs please keep reading the article till the end line.

Independent Flower Nail Designs:

  1. White Flower in Ash Nail Designs: This is one of the best flower design with some small flower designs in simple ash color nail paint. For doing this nail paint, first of all you will have to paint your nail with simple shiny ash color. After applying the simple nail paint you can easily draw some flowers in your nails above the shiny ash color. But keep in mind that you make the flower carefully because this is the only one that can make you look cute. This nail designs is very simple but lovely for every girls.
  2. Flower With Stem Nail Designs: By looking this nail designs I am sure that you may have think that this will be very difficult. The flower is simple and with the black stems the nail designs really look dashing. The thing is how to make this nail designs, first of all you have to paint your nail with white nail paint like shown in the picture below.After you finish with your white simple nail paint then you can now draw some flowers in pink or red colorbecause  red and pink is the most matching colors in white. If you want to make stems of flowers then you can use black paint and draw it in such a way that it looks good.
  3. Chamomile Flower Nail Designs: The chamomile flower is very good and eye cooling to look because of it’s attractive color white and yellow. The blue background have made this nail art more eye catching and pleasant to look. This is very simple to make just you need to do is paint your nail with shiny plain blue nail paint. After that design some rough chamomile tea in the blue paint, but not to make flowers conjusted.So this is all my top three listed flower nail designs, this nail designs are simple if you focus and give sometime to it. The simple flower nail art is mostly loved by college girls, so now I finally guess that you will be now able to adopt this lower nail art and go to college with new fashion. Thanks for reading. On any more suggestion keep visiting our site.