In industries, high voltage electricity is used extensively for many different purposes. In order to hold such high voltages of electricity, there are very sturdy and string electrical networks installed in industries. Without a string electrical system, no industry can survive for long time. It is the electrical system of the industry that supplies the power to the machineries of the industries to run them. For this reason, it is very important to take care of the industrial electrical networks and its components.

When the components of a high voltage electrical network work under such high voltages, there is a heavy stress that they have to bear continuously; hence they suffer wear and tear more than normal circumstances. For this reason, only the best quality electrical components should be used in any high voltage electrical network of an industry. Good quality of the components is also important for safety of the system, as well as the people who are working on that system.

Cable Jointing Kits For Strong and Intact Cable Joints

One major component used in industrial systems is the cable jointing kits. When there is a joint made between two cables, the joint is weak and needs extra protection so that it could not be damaged from outer factors such as environments, chemicals, mechanical forces and stress due to cable weight.

Compaq is one of the finest cable jointing kits manufacturers in India The cable jointing kits offered by Compaq offer you the best solution for the protection of the cable joints in your electrical systems. The Compaq cable jointing kits are available in both heat shrinkable and cold shrink types and suitable for both single core and triple core cables. The working range of Compaq cable jointing kits is also very wide and starts from 3.3KV and goes up to 36Kv.

Technical Info

Text description Requirements` GTP values
    12KV 24KV 36KV
A.C Voltage withstand test ( Dry ) 5 minutes at 4.5 U0 35KV 58KV 86KV
A.C Voltage Withstand test (Wet) 1 minutes at 4.5 U0 30KV 51KV 76KV
D.C Voltage Withstand test 15 minutes at 4 U0 48KV 96KV 144KV
Partial discharge test 10 Pc Max. at 1.73 U0 <5 Pc upto 12.7 KV <5 Pc up to  25 KV <5 Pc up to 33 KV
Impulse Voltage withstand test 10 impulse each polarity at 75KV 95KV 125KV 170KV
Thermal Short Circuit (Screen) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Thermal Short Circuit (Conductor ) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Dynamic Short Circuit One short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Humidity Test 300 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes
Salt Fog Test 100 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes

Compaq offers only the best quality products to its clients and the long list of satisfied international and domestic clients is proof of that.

Author’s Bio: The author is an electrical engineer and loves to write technical articles for compaqinternational about cable jointing kits manufacturers in India. His job is to provide useful information about various products to the customers through his articles.