Woven labels are made of woven touches and in most cases they are custom made to fit a particular fashion brand. Woven labels come in various designs that include detailed work which match the vision and the belief of designers. Woven labels send an old school charm and strike a great impression among potential customers and the target audience. Woven labels are very tricky because in case the designs are outdated, labels fall flat and fail to create that appeal. So make sure that designs are at par with recent trends and are an extension of the clothes.

All this implies a lot of thought needs to go behind making labels updated and grand. Labels include logo and the thought behind the fashion house. So make sure you choose a woven label design that blends well with your style sensibilities. Creating woven labels have very little to do with the design but a lot to do with other important factors. A guide to help you keep in mind the other factors:

  • Choose the Right Size – Size plays an important role while designing woven labels to strike the best impression. Logo of the fashion brand along with the text needs to make way in to the label and that is why you need to give attention to label size. Overall look of the label should not be cramped trying to fit in both the logo and the text. Instead it should look classy while managing all motifs well.
  • Focus on the Text – Text on woven labels are basically the name of the fashion brand. This text is important because it allows buyers to know the fashion brand. The font style and size is also equally important and plays a crucial role in making the label look great. Font style needs to look clean yet impactful and the size should be such that it manages to make space for the logo. So try several styles before finalising the look.
  • Printer Resolution – In most cases it is measured as dpi which is also known as dots per inch. Higher the value, more will be the dots those are printed on the material. Woven labels are mainly made with the help of several upgraded and advanced weaving devices that change their functionality depending on the material type. Length, width, resolution and other dimensions of the material is also given a lot of thought before weaving devices start working on materials. Flexographic printers are considered to be the ultimate high resolution devices and provide full colour designs on labels.
  • Right Selection of Material – Material plays an important role and that is primarily because designs are completely material dependant. So make sure you select the material first before coming up with label design ideas. Preference should always be to select smooth material so that it is smooth for woven designs. Rough or coarse surface is never a good idea when planning to create woven labels.

So make sure you are well aware of these important factors that help in making great woven labels. Creating great woven labels is not possible without the help of these factors that needs to be looked into in great detail.