Writing a movie review is a noble task that require skills and a lot of enthusiasm. Whenever you are writing movie reviews, you are giving your recommendations to a general audience. Its entirely different from recommending a “must watch ” film to a friend whom you may have substantial knowledge about his/her dislikes in mind.

So the focus of film reviews is less of personal preferences but rather a honest balanced view of the entire movie. An important part of the trick is to describe the film accurately by giving relevant information that will prompt viewers to decide whether they would enjoy it. Here are the top questions that must be adequately answered in your college movie review:

1. What are the compelling opinion and facts in the movie?

In order to generate interest and get your readers hooked on your review,you should include sentences or full paragraphs highlighting the thought provoking opinions in the movie.This will give them quite a nice feel of your review.Some of the ideas you can use include:

a) Contextual Information

b) Snappy subheadings

c) Logical comparison to any relevant happenings or a popular movie.

What Questions Do You Need To Answer In A Movie Review?

2. Are my opinions about the movie clearly established?

This is perhaps the most important initial step you should give a lot of attention when drafting your review.You should not let your readers second guessing whether you consider a movie good,bad or simply okay.Give your quick thoughts about how you rate it on a scale of 1-5 stars.The rest of your work is to simply prove the specific rating you gave.

You should always remember to back up your opinions with specific evidences since no one will care if you don’t support your view with factual arguments.The more your explain your feelings about the movie,the more your readers will trust your review.

3. What are some of the important aspects of the movie?

You can never dwell only on plot in the whole review.It is only a very small piece. There are movies that may have little compelling plots but that doesn’t mean the entire film is bad.Give information about the genre,script writers,producers and actors. Other important aspects you need to include are:

a) Cinematography:

Highlight the setting and background elements and give a comprehensive description of techniques used in the film.

b) Story line:

Gauge the entire writing quality by evaluating the overall script,dialogues that take place and how characters well fit in their roles. Is the plot weak?Is it predictable.Are characters utterances believable?

c) Movie editing:

Does the movie have a smooth flow from one scene to another?Does it have adequate lighting? You can also mention the graphics in the movie.

d) Movie soundtrack:

Soundtrack is the backbone of a great movie especially if the songs played synchronize perfectly with the scenes. In some cases,it may be over/under used. Tell your readers a little bit about the sound track.

4. What personality should I give my review?

Although a review is like a formal essay. Giving it a personality makes it more interesting. There are quite witty movie reviews,others are serious and dramatic. The choice is yours!You can do this by letting your writing style and use of words reflect the unique personality you are giving your review. Readers will find it pretty entertaining.

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