Do you dream of a fairytale wedding? Cinderella can be at its best night! With just a little planning it and be certain magical details, you will achieve a dream wedding, which imagine such a child.

Choose a Princess Dress

Before selecting the dress, imagine that your fairy godmother touch you with her wand and make the perfect dress for you. You must have it all! What’s on your mind? Well, then it should be. Princess cut with tulle skirt, strapless sweetheart neckline and embroidered with rhinestones is how I imagine it. What about you? You will not need to mice or Cinderella pumpkin to feel magic that night.

Glass Slippers

Although I found your Prince Charming, “glass slipper” cannot miss in a wedding full of magic. Great designers show you the real version of the fairy tale shoe, so you can choose something to shine in your wedding.

Romantic Decoration

For reception, think of everything a princess deserves and designs based on that decoration. Many flowers, crystals, pink, white, cloth and that entire feel that adds romance and magic at the time.

Decorate the house for a wedding is also very important if you want to have a perfect wedding. There are great ideas for decorating with tulle or other fabric for your wedding day, you only have to look and apply some that you like. An example of this would decorate the ceilings and tables quite transparent fabrics, thereby also creating a romantic atmosphere will be creating a much smoother and intimate atmosphere. You may use fabrics colors that you like, but it is best to be clear tones.

Magic Moments

Apart from the details of costume and decoration, you should think about adding full of magic moments for guests to also live the love you feel. For this fairytale catch them all, it would be nice to do a collection of images and videos of how they met, they fell in love and decided to marry when. It is a way of involving guests in the magic of this marriage.

The Big Dance

And if you want to be Cinderella for the night, you cannot miss the big dance, live music, glamorous, with a waltz gala practiced previously. Did you imagine? It looks perfect!

You see it’s easy to get a wedding full of magic with just dream it and make it happen. You do not need a fairy godmother to live a magical night!