Legislation meeting, convenient cold room rental facilities are utilised daily by food businesses, hotel chains, schools, scientific research centres and NHS Trusts. When there is greater demand than resources thanks to business levels, an event or emergency, and the fridge or freezer on site simply can’t hold the items safely and at optimum quality, whether it’s a pint of milk or a pint of blood, call in mobile refrigeration specialists.

Sure, that you have Enough cold Storage Space?

  • A county show normally features crafts, foods and livestock. Where, as an exhibitor do you plan to keep your samples and ingredients, animal feed and water? The showground’s facilities will likely be bursting to capacity and unavailable to anyone but the organisers.
  • The products for a school fete’s barbeque, sandwich shop, ice cream stand, or tea and coffee point must be housed correctly to maintain the ingredients in their optimum condition. Food poisoning and excuses are unwelcomed at events.
  • Health trusts and scientific research centres running to, or beyond, normal capacity call on companies like Icecool Trailers in Newbury to provide the additional and sometimes emergency chiller hire for medications and samples. It could be several hours between the sample being taken and it being analysed. Correctly managed, the samples need not be retaken at the distress of the patient, and the results are accurate. A vaccine at its most effective temperature could make the difference between life and death.

Taking chances isn’t worth the stress

Choosing Chiller Hire is good old Common Sense.

Competitively priced and compliant cold room rental facilities ensure that you won’t break out in a cold sweat at 3a.m. wondering if you’ve let items spoil and whether disaster looms.

Poor food hygiene and ineffective storage of refrigerated and frozen stock brings significant risks. Bacteria can breed, cross contamination and food poisoning could ensue; consumers and the local authority will be slow to forgive a wholly avoidable incident.

Add a financial penalty, closure, legal action and the attention of the Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety Executive and possibly the wrath of overworked medical teams and you should see that chiller hire is the only suitable solution when serving food to the public. 

Hygienic cold Room Rental Units

Hire facilities are available in a range of sizes, for any duration and as they can be run via mains or generator, the client has flexibility about where to locate them, internally or externally. Install one adjacent to a kitchen, in a corridor or anteroom, in a garage, a car park, on a school playing field, between function marquees, for example.

Icecool Trailers deliver and collect lockable and insured cold room rental units and set them up for clients. This removes fuel and vehicle maintenance costs for the customer and delivers high level efficiency, professionalism and hygiene. Mobile refrigeration is easy to operate and can be worked in without acting against legislation.

Any stock placed in the chiller hire facilities requires an insurance policy. Clients must arrange this.

Cold room rental is the solution to your storage problem.