Most people think that you should just let your plumber install your plumbing system for you. While it is true that a plumber knows best, it’ll also be great if you know a thing or two about the whole process as well. This way, you can help your plumber customize the system the way you want it. You’ll also be able to perform minor fixes just in case your plumber can’t help you.

Just to know about the basics of plumbing, here are the four main parts of a plumbing system that you have to install in your house. We’ll also give you an idea as to where each part is connected.

Water Supply System

From the main water supply, there are two pipes to look at. One of them gives cold water and the other one gives hot water. The first thing to do is connect the two lines to your fixtures and appliances such as faucets. These fixtures usually come with a valve to help you control whether the hot or cold water comes out. You can find valves like these in stores such as airtac.

Drain Pipes

The drain pipes are the devices that help direct the waste to the main sewer. While most houses already have drain pipes, you might still need to install a few extra ones so that you can properly leach the main sewer. You can find the drain pipes below the frost line going further underground to the sewers.

Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are also very important parts to install. In the plumbing system, the pipes need a sufficient source of air so that the water won’t clog up the drain pipe. All drain pipes have vent pipes to ensure that the water runs smoothly.

The vent pipes connect to the vent-and-soil stack, which stays in the higher parts of the house. They are also connected to the drain pipes down below that lead to the main sewage system.

Drain Traps

The last part is the drain trap which is a pipe that is connected to the bottom part of a sink or shower drain. The whole purpose of a drain trap is to prevent sewer gas from going into the house. It does this by keeping a small amount of water to wash the gas down so that it won’t go up.

This is really important because it keeps your house from being smelly and prevents any toxic smells from entering the house. A drain trap is characterized by its U shape. It can fit the pipes at the end of the bathroom and kitchen drains.


If you own a house, it’s always good to know the basics of installing a plumbing system. Even if you don’t have a comprehensive understanding of plumbing, it’s totally fine. As long as you know the basics, you won’t be left in the dark if something happens. The parts mentioned above are the most fundamental parts of a plumbing system. It’s crucial to know what they are, what they do, and where they go.