With countless tile designs available in the market these days, picking the perfect design that is not only up to your liking but trendy too can be an intimidating task. If you’re not sure which tile designs are in the vogue, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve shared some chic tile designs below that will add both beauty and elegance to your home:

  1. The Brick Patterns:
    It seems to be a favorite in the tile industry, as it just keeps coming back. You can choose from a wide range of designs – finely lined nude red bricks to polished ones. My personal favorites are the aged brick patterns from an old British Castle and the rustic ones. Once you start looking at the brick patterns, you’ll be amazed to see the endless designs they’ve got.
  2. The Wood Look:
    One thing that never gets old in the interior design industry is the wood. Tiles having wood look are very much in trend. Not just the floor, wood patterned tiles are perfect for walls. Any wood pattern that gives a worn out or weathered feel is what you should choose for flooring. For walls, cross grains or painted wood patterns are ideal. I’d go for the cross grains though.
  3. The Marble Feel:
    The most realistic feel the tiles could give is the marble feel. Porcelain dressed up as marble is something you can consider for your floor or even walls.
  4. The Artistic Tiles:
    If you’re an art lover and aspire something unique in your house, you should not miss the artistic tiles. There’s an endless variety of designs including pop art designs, graffiti, illustrations, geometric patterns and even portraits.
  5. The Warm Touch:
    If you like to keep everything simple and homey, these warm tile designs are perfect for you. You can select the weathered stone look for your kitchen or maybe go for the velvety patterns for your bedroom. Other beautiful designs include water color, fabric patterns etc.
  6. The Aqua Feel:
    Best for your bathroom floor and walls or even a signature wall, the aquatic tiles are the talk of the interior designers now-a-days. Bring the beach to your home with these bold and beautiful tiles.
  7. The Mosaic Tiles:
    Mosaic patterns are not going anywhere yet. The trend for a more expressive and dramatic decor has increased the popularity of mosaic tiles. There is a never-ending variety of mosaic designs with color schemes and patterns that not only look bold butalso elegant. You can now also find and buy mosaic tiles online to make a statement.

Free Tip: The Bigger, the Better!!
No matter which design you go for, choose big tiles, because it seems small tiles are no longer in fashion. It is the Large Format Tile that dominated the market. With larger tiles, you can order custom mortars that are especially designed to match your LFTs.