You may have a luxurious home with lots of space and neatly arranged furniture in the main room, but the wash room another important space to consider in home or any hotels. It is important to keep periodical maintenance on wash rooms. Most of the guest or customer will feel so embarrassed when they don’t find the washrooms unhygienic and bad smelling then they immediately likes to leave the room and may give you bad feedback. However, in homes the wash room must be very clean and it has to be filled with good fragrance instead bad odd human waste smell. In this article we are going to see about five things that are needed to be considered about the washroom to make it a better place at home.


It is known fact that the human waste spreads very bad smell, which almost gives us bad experience. The smell comes because of state of washroom and the state of human waste. If the washroom doesn’t clean up for a few days it start to create some bad smell, another reason for it if a person has a very bad digestion system then his waste will create bad smells in washroom. To eliminate the bad smell we can use the air fresheners, which fills the fragrance in the rooms by eliminating the bad air. It is also necessary to clean the corner areas in the wash and supply proper waters to clear the path for waste to go through.


It is mostly common know problem for bachelor people who do not have time to clean their rooms. After a few days without doing any cleaning works, the dirt on floors starts to get harder, the waste inside plates will stick to plate corners which will become a source bad bacteria or fungus to grow. So, we need to clean the washrooms frequently with anti-bacteria and special cleaning liquids which can eliminate the bad insects and viruses.


Another issue in washrooms is walls, many people will have to washroom in general, no one uses it in the normal way. People will like to smoke or spit inside wash rooms, sometime other things like gels, shampoos, pastes, liquids can fall on the wall which we will never try to clean them again. After certain days, the walls will appear bad for eyes because of the things and stains on the walls. It is another thing we have to consider while cleaning the washrooms, cleaning walls will give freshness in the room. So, you can have a good time enjoying in it.

Water Supply

It is a necessary and primary thing to have in the washroom, the water supply must be always good. If the washroom doesn’t have a good amount of water supply, people are never going to enjoy their showers or private time. A good amount of water supply keeps the wash room clean and less bad odor.