Most of the people write blogs to earn money. Money making online is something that sound very easy but in fact is not easy. You have to work hard to earn money whether online or offline. If you are thinking that you can’t earn money and pondering that the task is impossible then you are wrong too. People who are smart and spend time online can earn money with ease. You must have heard about AdSense and if you can’t recall, they are the leading ads network in the world.


If you want to earn money online and you have a website then you can feature ads by Google on your website to earn money. For instance, if you have an account on WordPress from where you usually post blogs then you can also earn money by featuring Google AdSense on your blog. Before you can do that you have to get your blog site approved by Google. You can follow these tips to get your site approved.

Age of your website:

One of the criteria that can restrict you to get the Google AdSense membership is the age of your website. Google AdSense only approves website which is at least six months old. However if you apply for AdSense and you have great content that engages lots of readers than you might get approved within six months.

Quality content:

If you are writing blogs then make sure that your contents are of top notch. Quality is the main factor that can help you to get approved by Google AdSense. If your articles are not interesting or you don’t have quality contents on your blog, your application is likely to get rejected from Google AdSense, so make sure that you produce quality and interesting contents. If possibly hire someone who can produce professional content for your blog.

Blog traffic:

Google AdSense is not concerned about the traffic you get each day on your website or blog. You can easily get approved by Google AdSense even if your website or blog gets twenty visitors daily. It is totally depends on your blog or website design and quality and interesting content. Even if your website is so popular and you have bad content on your website, then you are likely to get rejected, so be careful.

Number of blog posts:

No matter how many posts your blog has, you will get approved by Google AdSense if they are quality and interesting contents. There are people how have more than four hundred blog posts under their name but still waiting for the AdSense approval. Whereas, many of us who only have fifty blog posts are enjoying money making online. Again the main factor is the quality and interesting contents. If AdSense thinks that you are producing quality contents then they will approve you as soon as possible.
So, the bottom line is to produce quality and interesting contents. It is advisable to publish at least seventy quality contents and then ask Google AdSense for the approval. Hope this information helps you to approve your membership to Google AdSense.

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