When it comes to SEO, you want to evolve with the times. Just like updating your web design on an old web page. With constant Google algorithm changes, it’s sometimes difficult for businesses to stay afloat. However, here are some good tips for staying ahead of your competition.

Having a mobile presence is increasingly important. Google Hummingbird was just a sample of the power mobile optimization possesses. Businesses are falling behind due to no mobile ready websites. With the Internet changing as far as more people on mobile devices, it’s important to adapt. Google finally caught up with this, so start off with a solid mobile web design. Make sure all of your important details are reachable in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry about crazy images and videos because it slows your site’s speed. You will surely get ahead with that type of attitude. If you’re not up to doing it yourself, an agency such as Orange Digital should be able to help you out with both web design and SEO, combing the two seamlessly so that they work off each other.

How To Utilize SEO For 2014

Content marketing is still important, but the change is in creating content you think people will actually search. Get into the mind of visitors and find out good phrases that will help answer your visitor’s inquiries. Keywords are fine, but long tail phrases work better because the search engine’s more complex. This makes it easier for your visitors to search through your site. This type of content marketing is quite effective for your business plan. Additionally, articles or blog posts in the realm of 800-1000 words seem more effective because of the thorough information, which normally means increased value. Of course, social shares and engagement helps as well.

Google Plus is also on the come up. Now that content is shared via YouTube to Google Circles, it’s starting to go up in relevancy. Authorship and author rank is becoming a strong determinate as far as placement on Google search results. Google +1s show up on fresh posts and shares do have a place in the algorithm results. While Google Plus is not as powerful as Twitter and Facebook, it does have a lot of appeal for the future. Keep a look out for what will happen with this social site as it increases in value.

SEO changes over time; it’s inevitable. Always find a way to evolve with the times so you can flourish in the long term. Use great strategies on social sites, social media, and your mobile devices to provide a better user experience for visitors. This way you can always adapt to whatever changes occur.