The company of professional media optimization and search engine optimization of is searching for innovative ways to make their presence felt in the web world. Code named Google Penguin, the SEO service has virtually affected 3.1 per cent of queries on the search engines in English. This has resulted in the constant search for the newer business SEO services to look for cheaper avenues and make way for cheaper and affordable SEO services, especially for business related matters or search optimization process.

PandaThe company of social media optimization is based onOrlandoinFlorida. It provides the customers, simple and affordable business SEO services at a comparatively lower rate. The SEO service of is the only company that took the initiative to offer services of social media and content marketing from the same place.

According to the CEO of the company, who is also an eminent professional in internet marketing, Imel Seda, does not make much hype of the nature of the service provided nor even charge excess money from the clients. Rather, the SEO service is all meant to serve the clients in a very fruitful manner and offer them the best service in lieu of least amount of money charged, in comparison to the other SEO services. This has helped the company to achieve much success ratio in the United States of America in such a short span of only six months.

Success of

The launch of the SEO service during the early summer season in the year 2012 has paved the way to help innumerable businesses related to websites along with their low and cost effective search engine optimization oriented services. The SEO service now caters to the clients of Europe and theUSwith its highly innovative and planned service and strategies.

At the present time, has 95 per cent of ‘client retention ratio’ that clearly indicates the progress and ability of the search engine service along with the expectation of their valued clients. The client’s list for the SEO service includes members from Law firms, other SEO companies, internet marketers and even real estate agencies.

Reasons for such success of the SEO service

There are several factors that have contributed to the enormous popular support for the SEO service in such a short period. The website is very easy to navigate. It even allows the users to get information at the quickest possible time, by just clicking a few links from any page. The services of several social networking media like that of Facebook and Twitter have even contributed a lot in increase of the services of the SEO and thereby making it immensely popular.

In addition to this, the nature of impact that the SEO service has been able to generate in such a small span, along with the high margin of profitability regarding low cost involved in the search engine, have further helped in the growth of the service of services. Several business organization and other website management companies have shown their pleasure to contact to get the logic and the calculations so that it might even help them to improve the Google rankings of the websites.