4PPC Marketing is considered to be the most obvious choice for driving targeted traffic to a website, but it can often be an expensive affair. On the other hand, organic SEO is one of the best bets in the digital marketing arena, because such results tend to last really long, and you don’t incur any recurring charges every month. Of course, you need to invest considerable amount of efforts on sustaining your SERPs, because Google doesn’t give you free rankings for life-time!

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Surviving the Google Dance

Now once you achieve any organic rankings, they may initially fluctuate a bit, and that’s called the Google dance, as most of the experienced SEO professionals would be aware of. And, that’s not something that you’ll have to break your sweat over. But, the point is neither to build too many links during the Google dance, nor to leave things to your fate.

Capitalizing on the Initial Leads

Secondly, you need to capitalize on the leads that you’ve already generated during the first few days. Sure thing, only 3 out of 70-80 of them may have converted, and your conversion rate could have been as low as 2-3%, but what you need to remember is that they were targeted leads. Therefore, it’s not a wise idea to lose them just like that. You can try to keep in touch with them, through your opt-in email newsletters.

And, then promote your offerings in a passive manner over the coming days; and during the Google dance, many of such leads may convert, and help you sustain the business, despite very low generation of fresh leads during the transit.

Working on the Branding Part

Once the Google dance is over, you may be disappointed to see that your initial rank of 4 may have changed to 11, but that’d be because your rivals have a stronger brand reputation, and until you get some powerful links, and work on the branding part, you’re not going to survive on the first page for too long.

So, you’ll have to pay attention to building online reputation, and working on creating a powerful brand image on the web, if you want to generate qualified leads consistently.

Clean Up the Old Pages with Obsolete Data

Maintaining your website regularly will become important as it grows older; you can’t create some high quality pages, and hope that they’d rank till eternity! So, you need to review the contents of your website every 8-12 months. And, if you come across some old pages with low quality contents or data that has become obsolete at this point of time, in the process of clean up, don’t think twice before getting rid of such pages, because just a few poor quality pages can have detrimental effect on overall performance of the website in Google SERPs, and at times, even trigger a Panda penalty as well!

So, it’s quite easy to comprehend that generating qualified leads on consistent basis would require proper planning and good deal of efforts, but it can turn out to be lot more cost-effective than PPC marketing, and the results of organic SEO would also be quite long lasting.

Author Bio

Cameron McCarthy is a digital marketing and reputation management specialist, who has helped thousands of website owners in generating highly qualified leads without burning their hard-earned money on PPC marketing.