The use of international conference calling is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been in the market for some time now. With the further development in technology, it has made international conference calling even better. Gone are the days wherein you need to ask the assistance of a live operator to be on a conference call. Nowadays, self service dialing is a popular option wherein all you have to do is to key in the phone number followed by a pass code.


International Conference Calling Improvement

International conference calling has significantly improved. You can automatically communicate to other people at any given place without sounding like the other person is halfway world away from you. Today, international conferencing are made clearer, efficient, and cost effective. The voice transmission is made better through the use of fiber optic Ethernet and modern voice transmission tool.

Joining an international conference call is easier today than before. As mentioned above, you don’t have to work with operators to start the conference call. Those attendees will be given a toll free number and a pass code. The conference host will schedule a date and the participants just have to key in the toll free number and the pass code so that they can access the conference room.

International conference calling service offers a lot of valuable features and one of which is the dial out. In this feature, the conference host has the option to connect and dial out participants. For an instance, if the participant does not abide with the scheduled conference time or if the participant is living in a country that does not support international conferencing.

Integrated Account Management

One of the latest improvements in international teleconferencing service is the integrated account management. This is beneficial for those people who regularly host international teleconferencing. Trough this feature, you can automatically schedule recurring calls, assign each participant, and key in the participant’s contact details. The integrated features vary depending on your chosen teleconferencing plan. Among the commonly integrated features are call scheduling, call reservations, and call on demand.

Recording feature

Nowadays, you can now record the actual teleconferencing through the use of MP3 technology. There are now teleconferencing plans that allow you to automatically record the conference call and be able to save it in a compressed audio file. The recording feature is significantly helpful for the company because it will not only serve as a record, but it will also serve as a reference for people who were not able to attend the actual conference call.

A lot of companies nowadays record the conference call and have it transcribe or even translated. The transcribed conference call will serve as a valuable document, which will be shared to valuable people of the company. Other businessmen upload the conference call recording to their website.

The cost of international conference calling

Looking back, international conference calling seemed to be very expensive then. But with the breakthrough of this technology and with the stiff market competition, a lot of teleconferencing provider today offers conferencing packages at a reasonable rate. As a matter of fact, there are companies offering free international conference calling service. If you are running a small business, then a free conferencing is worth trying. However, if you are running a bigger business then you should take advantage of the fee based teleconferencing service.


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John Watson is an internet marketer that specializes in selling healthy and beauty products. He makes use of free international conference calling service in marketing his products to different people from all across the globe. Through international conferencing, he is also able to communicate with other internet marketers globally.