The continuous technological revolution has influenced almost every aspect of life. Modern education has also considerably benefited from the use of innovative devices, tools and gadgets. This has resulted in a seamless transfer of knowledge between students and teachers while increasing interactivity. The following lists the six most influential modern digital gadgets that have assisted the learning process.

6 Modern Digital Gadgets That Can Help The Learning Process

Digital Microscopes

Microscopes have come a long way from the old-school turning of wheels to improve magnification. Digital microscopes are the wave of the future and come equipped with sensors to improve image quality, high resolutions, up to 220x magnification, image capture and a multiple LED illumination. Essentially, digital microscopes allow you to view the smallest cells and take high resolution photographs.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are the modernized take on the traditional erasable chalkboard from years past. These touch-based boards all you to visit websites, view image galleries and make drawings or notes in digital ink. The whiteboard can even be used as a giant projector. All files from the whiteboard can be easily saved to its linked computer.

Educational Podcasts

Many teachers are now recording each class session to be viewed as a podcast. Those who were out sick that day will no longer need to hound their classmates for notes. Podcasts serve as excellent supplemental material for in-class discussion. Also, students have the ability to create their own podcasts through advanced mobile apps or desktop.

Response Pads

Several mobile apps have been developed by companies in India that promote interactions between students and teachers using the response pad in real-time. Similar to a remote, the response pad allows students to listen and learn throughout the class but provides a rewarding and motivating approach for them to differentiate with their knowledge. For example, response pads can be used by students to submit answers during a quiz or act as a buzzer in a classroom setting. A student will have a ‘clicker’ or a student response system to give and record their responses to test questions presented by the teacher.


Not only has the tablet revolutionized the way we work and interact, it has transformed the way we learn. The tablet allows teacher to take notes prior to class to ensure all material is covered and prepare upcoming class plans. Also, if a teacher wishes to hold class outdoors on a nice day, they can easily bring along their teaching material.

Wireless Presentation/Test Taking Tools

Wireless presentation tools, such as wireless presents which contain laser pointers and remotes, educators can easily flip through slides, point to important information and play videos. This helps streamline the knowledge transfer process and improve efficiency.

The aforementioned six modern gadgets have significantly altered the way we learn. Using technology in the classroom improves interaction, streamlines class lectures and makes learning more fun and interesting for the students.