Chicago computer recycle refers to recycling or reusing of computers with an aim to save the environment. Some components of the computers can be dismantled and reused for other purposes, while others have to be disposed off properly so that they do not cause any harm to the atmosphere. If you also have an old computer at home, there are several ways with which you can do a Chicago computer recycle.

Methods Of Chicago Computer Recycle

Recycle at Domestic Level:

As a consumer, you can sell out your old computer to potential buyers, donate it directly to a non-profit missionary organization, send it back to its original manufacturer, or dismantle it and send its components to a professional Chicago computer recycle company.

Recycle at Professional Level:

There are certain Chicago computer recycle companies that are dedicated to recycle huge amounts of computers with a more complicated procedure. They pick up the old computers from your place, wipe your data clean from it, and give you an estimate of its remaining value. If your computer still has value, they buy excess IT components from you, refurbish them, and sell them to people seeking an affordable system. They dispose the unusable parts while employing safe procedures in order to save the environment. They also offer safe data elimination service, so that your private data cannot be misused.

Sell it Off:

There are several auction sites over the Internet where you can post ad for your old computer, that too absolutely for free. Interested buyers can directly contact you, pay you, and take the computer right from your doorstep. In certain cases, you may be required to deliver it at your buyer’s place, but you can ask for shipping price in that condition.

Take Back:

Some computer manufacturers agree to take back your old computer, and recycle it in an appropriate manner. Upon your request, they can pickup your old computer from your house, and recycle it appropriately. There are collection points too where you can drop off your old computer to get it recycled.


When you buy a new computer, your computer manufacturer may agree to take back your old computer. They then refurbish your old computer and resell it in a new condition.

Whether you have a working or a broken computer, you can get your computer recycled by any of these methods. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, you need to recycle it properly in order to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Do you know that certain components in a computer release toxic fumes into the air, which is highly hazardous for living beings, as well as for the entire environment? So, find out a reliable Chicago computer recycle company today, and give your old computer in safe hands.