One common concern is that the finish of our car seems to erode easily. There are many reasons why this could happen. As an example, regular car washing could diminish our car finish. Bug splatter and bird droppings can cause problems on the surface of our cars. Organic material will eventually become acidic when decomposing and it could erode the clearcoat of our car, In the end,  our car can be more vulnerable to rust and other problems. Brake dust and metallic particles may also damage the paint of our car. For this reason, we should look for ways to identify the culprit and eliminate them. Any contaminant should be washed regularly and it is important to know how to properly do it. The act of washing our car could cause swirl marks and other blemishes. Washing car should be an easy and simple thing to do. However, we may overlook a number of things. As an example, instead of using standard cloth, we should use microfiber one. It’s great for removing dirt from the surface, without scratching the surface. It is important to use the right kind of cleaning solution. Dish washing liquid isn’t an appropriate type, because the oils of the paint can be stripped.

A proper cleaning solution for car is pH balanced. It doesn’t contain detergent and it has lubricant to improve the gloss. Another way to prevent swirl mark is by using a couple of buckets. One bucket is for dirty water, which is used to rinse the microfiber cloth. Another bucket with clean water is used to rinse the car surface to remove cleaning solution and remaining dirt. It is important to properly wet down the car, so dirt and other contaminants can be removed appropriately. The first thing we should do is to remove any visible contaminant on the surface of the car. Dried tar could be very difficult to remove and we may need a specific solution to do that. The last thing we do is to clean the tires, rims and wheels; because they are the dirtiest. This is essential, because we will need to make sure that the microfiber cloth is as clean as possible, when we clean the surface of the car. If we clean the tires and wheels first, it will take more effort to remove dirt from the microfiber cloth. If we are not careful enough, we may simply re-introduce some dirt from the wheels to the smooth surface of our car. When cleaning our car, we should also check the door jams, because they are often neglected.

Another area that we should clean up last is the underside of the hood, because it is often covered with oily layer and fine black soot. We will need to use the right kind of solution, to make sure that the grime can be removed immediately. The surface of the engine can be cleaned with normal cloth to remove dust and oily layer. We should make sure not to make the engine compartment wet, especially to ensure problems with the electronic components. Cleaning the interior is also a major part of cleaning the car.