Scodix has shown how printing services can enhance prints through metallic coloring that will always catch the eye.  This is done through the use of the CMYK process of coloring of Scodix Sense. It is accomplished through a one pass digital printing process.

Scodix has revolutionized the printing industry through this process adding a lot of value to the huge number of in-house printing solutions already in the market. As a printing service provider, you are able to offer customers with metallic coloring devoid of the requirement for the conventional foil stamping details.

Scodix Metallic has debuted around the world as printing service providers are making the most of the technology to raise revenue, increase their customer base and more orders while dealing with competition by offering better prices for the highest quality prints.

New and Extra Exciting Features

Essentially, Scodix Metallic eye catching features have added lots of extra exciting and new opportunities for every Scodix customer. This means offering complete metallic color diversity is possible as a part of an in-house, cost effective and simple print process. In fact, to create Scodix Metallic, the Scodix S enhancement digital presses are used together wit the Rotate, Scale and Position (RSP) Scodix technology.

This Is The Way Metallic Colors Catch The Eye

Patent Pending Process

Essentially, Scodix Metallic should be noted as a patent pending print process. Through the application of Scodix Sense’s polymer on chosen CMYK colors, transformation of print colors is accomplished into one of the most amazing experiences. In just a single Scodix Sense pass, it is possible to have a printed sheet with textures, embossing, bronze, silver, gold, low and high levels of precise polymer effects plus much more. The eye-catching yet high quality gloss process offers a real visual impact virtually unmatched in lots of diverse digital processes. Also, a printed image is protected by Scodix Sense while the metallic impact is also protected from scuffing and scratching, essentially the clearest benefit over conventional foil stamp processes.

Manipulation of Every Image

Through Scodix IP kind of image algorithm and two unique CCD cameras, every image can be manipulated as the image is easily scaled on the X and Y axes. Rotating and shifting the image as required is also possible, a process that ensures perfect quality is accomplished, including clear print registration and the delivering of the most precise metallic colors. Essentially, the technology is expected to maintain the entire printing industry very robust and alive for the future.

As the capacity to come up with real depth and shine is incorporated via metallic coloring, an element of style and elegance is added. In the process, Scodix Metallic ends up offering a whole new way for every customer to benefit from brand differentiation within the materials they want printed.

Apart from being wonderful for packaging and commercial applications the pinpoint selective digital process allows a metallic finish to be offered in-house. There is no reason why Scodix Metallic cannot become the norm for any progressive and modern print service provider today, whether through Web to Print or any other.