Every house in the subdivision has pretty much the same layout, and a disturbing number of those show evidence that their owners all shop at the same store when it comes time to decorate.

That being said, you have never been one to follow the rest of the crowd to the big-box stores when it comes time to change up your living space. Personal space means exactly that, and if you have a strong do-it-yourself (DIY) streak then you can bend your décor to serve your creativity. So clear out those old cords that are now replaced by the invisible high speed internet and instead of throwing them away find ways to re-use them. If you’re thinking that your next project should embrace your love of the Jetsons, then transforming old technology into great home décor ideas is the way to repurpose those hi-tech toys once they have become yesterday’s news.

Transforming and Reusing Old Technology

Thinking Outside the Box…

Our fast-paced, technologically driven society allows for a myriad of options when it comes time to spruce up the home with the debris of last year’s technical product releases. Repurposing old technology for a cutting edge look merely requires looking at the bulky old Commodore 64 in a completely different light. Let’s look at some of the different ways that you can simultaneously free up space in the local landfills, as well as freeing up those creative impulses to fashion truly out of the ordinary home décor items.

Personal Computers and Old Clunky TVs…

That discarded personal computer you have sitting at the back of the garage is ripe for repurposing with a few simple alterations. Indeed, once gutted, an old PC tower can act as a serviceable planter, aquarium, or even umbrella stand. The resultant level of sophistication can be largely determined by your DIY technical aptitude. Utilizing a glass storage container, such as a Kraftyblok, which is easily available at any arts and crafts shop, you can install a waterproof insert that is fully capable of serving as the perfect habitat for everything from plants to piranhas depending upon your preference.

If you find yourself with an old console television, and a beloved canine family member who’s convinced that the couch is as much his as yours, then you are poised to make a great home for your puppy once you have hollowed out the innards and replaced with comfy blankets and Fido’s favorite toys to transform this old technology into an inviting den for your pooch to pass out in.

Compact Disks…

Cats are not the only creatures that like shiny things, and using CDs is an ideal way to throw some bling into your décor while cleaning up your entertainment center of the disks that you have long since been relegated to collecting dust at the back of your shelves.

Whether scratches and dings have rendered your old CD inoperable, or that one hit wonder that you just can’t stomach is unlikely ever to earn a spin, you can repurpose your old and damaged CD’s to create artistic mosaics that are fit for displaying under glass, on walls, or as part of a larger project.