A car grill has many useful purposes and it is not used for show. Some of the important functions of the grilles include protecting the engine compartment and the radiator. It protects the engine parts from rock particles, dirt and dust. Some of the car grilles are also used for protecting the lights in front of the car. The grilles are actually the sturdy metallic structures that protect the vehicle and let the air move in. They look similar to the cages. All the cars have their own original grille parts. Some of the car enthusiasts want to improve the visibility of the vehicle and performance by installing the custom grilles.

Choosing the right custom grilles can significantly change the overall look of the vehicle. The custom grilles are very easy to install and they are more popular than the OEM car grilles. Most of the vehicle grilles are available in one kit with all the required hardware parts, instructions regarding the installation of the grilles and the brackets to put the part on the specified space. They are specially designed to be installed with minimum tools. When you are looking for the right type of the grille for your vehicle, you should be very cautious, since, not all the grilles fit to every car.

Type of Car Grilles:

The people who are searching for the car grilles can select from the two types of grilles, one is the mesh and the second type is the billet grilles. The mesh grilles are sleek in design and they make the car look attractive. They are well-known for their strength, performance and flair. You should purchase the grilles according to the size and shape of your vehicle.

  • Billet Grilles:

Most of the billet grilles are made with the help of the thick strips of metal sheets and they are placed in the horizontal manner. The variations of the grilles include bars that are placed vertically in a slanted fashion. Depending on the placement and orientation and the grille frame around the grille bar, the style is interrupted in various ways. The vertical style of the grille implies the luxury grilles and the traditional placement of the grilles is seen on the trucks and on the fast cars.

  • Mesh Grilles:

These grilles are made from steel alloys. They require very less chromium content of 10.5. They are sometimes plated with zinc and baked with chrome or black powder. The mesh grilles are intended for the fast cars and they are most popular types of grilles available in the market. They are available in the custom forms, as well.

When you are buying the custom grilles online, you should first consider the type of vehicle where you want to install the grilles, whether it is a truck or a car. They are available from the outlet or from the online stores. You should check all the parts before purchasing the grilles. Choosing the right type of grille can improve the appearance of the vehicle. The chevy Silverado grilles are available in various color and design options.