Many car owners want to tint their cars, although this may not be an easy thing to do for untrained individuals. Some people seem to have a knack for this task and windows tinting is actually more of an art than science. Just like painter and craftsman, we need to patiently install the tint; in order to get good results. If we want to do tint our windows, we should prepare the window surface first. It should be perfectly clean, without even the smallest and finest speck of dust. It should also save us plenty of time if we have proper tools, such as razor blades, heat gun and hard cards. Tiny squeegee is a tool that many professionals use when tinting windows. Any seasoned window tinter should have dishes soap and paper towels.

It is important to look out for things that could hamper our windows tinting project, such as weather stripping that sticks out. If there are satellite and cellular phone antenna on the windows, we should remove them and re-install them later. It should be noted that there could be leftover glue when we remove these antenna mounts. It means that we should make sure that we are working in areas with good lighting. Razor blade is useful for scraping glue on the windows surface and if we do this carefully, we won’t scratch the windows surface. After we are sure that the windows are both clean and dry, we could cut the film with the exact shape of the windows, plus a bit of extra room, which can be removed later when necessary.

Then, it is necessary to moisten the windows and take the nylon paper. We should lay out the paper against the windows and smooth it out from the center part outward. As we reach the edges, we could make few cuts to make sure that it is the same exact size with the windows. Once we have a perfect size, it is the time to attach the film itself. During the process, we shouldn’t touch the film to make sure that it can be attached properly. It is important to make sure that all the edges have been lined up properly with the sides. We should peel it slowly and spray the special adhesive solution. This will be a good opportunity to work out any air bubbles. With the squeegee, we could slowly work out to the sides and push the air bubbles out.

We should be aware that the plastic tool could rip out the film and it is advisable to use the paper towel to provide some protection. Even experienced and seasoned window tinting professionals would need to carefully make sure that they work slowly to get the best results. Extra adhesive may need to be applied on the edges, so they won’t peel up. Before installing window tint, we should make sure that the local law doesn’t prohibit it. Police may stop cars with excessively dark or reflective tinting.