IPTV has opened a new interactivity world having endless possibilities in hospitality sector. It can increase guest satisfaction because IP unified communication system offers more than TV. IPTV plays an important role in increasing the total hotel revenue for many.

Let go Analog and Adapt Digital IP

Majority of hotels are currently employing standard MATV system. TV broadcasting is done through RF equipment along with coaxial cable. However, MATV falls short in giving real-time interactivity to hotel’s communication network.

Even though channels are generated from digital source, they are actually converted and aired in analog form. Thus, picture quality reduces and probable interferences can occur. Basically, it provides sub-standard services when compared to the existing high standards. IP unified communication system functions on comprehensive digital IP technology.

What is IPTV?

IPTV can be defined as reliable and secure delivery of TV, video, audio, graphics, text, and data. These are transported over an IP based network. In addition, network performance and security are managed closely to ensure excellent entertainment experience. This results in a convincing business environment for advertisers, content providers, and customers alike.

Why Use IPTV Instead of Analogue MATV System?

In IPTV system TV programs and movie content are converted into digital data and sent through a LAN directly to each hotel rooms set top box. Set top box converts the digital signals into TV video ones.

Guests can access TV channels or internet contents using the regular TV remote control. A wireless keyboard can be used to write emails or documents.

Using single IP network hotels can provide customers with loads of services.

  • Unlimited range of local and foreign TV channels allow overseas guests to enjoy entertainment in a familiar lingo
  • VOD
  • Free movie trailers on demand to promote movie purchase
  • MOD
  • National and global radio channel
  • Private messaging from receptionist to guests
  • Personalized services
  • E-commerce or in-house shopping directly from IPTV screen
  • Online booking
  • Attaining weather reports before going sightseeing
  • Programs can be recorded to be watched later
  • Guests can enjoy games across the internet
  • Guests can check their bills and make room payments directly from the IPTV in their room

The most amazing fact about any hotel IPTV is that it requires low maintenance even though it delivers high end service without any fuss. In addition, there is no need for cables and wiring. If the hotel existing setup uses Cat5 network then installation costs gets reduced, even more.

Hotel owners can add other valuable services in their IPTV.

  • Real-time automatic IP security as well as monitoring
  • Anti-hacker response for guest protection
  • IP telephony & VoIP communications
  • IP public address
  • IP intercom
  • IP access control
  • IP CCTV security camera
  • Secure as well as encrypted remote access

Benefits to hotels

  • Increases revenue
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Instant response to customer service
  • Interactive ad and promotional opportunities
  • Reduces printing, stationary, and operational costs

In brief, IPTV is showing massive promises in hospitality sector.