If you have been arrested in a car accident then chances are that you have probably filed a lawsuit. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with your lawsuit even without you knowing about them. Therefore, it is important that you avoid making simple mistakes while filing a lawsuit for your case.

Avoid Making These Mistakes While Handling Your Accident Lawsuit

Here is a list of mistakes that you can’t afford to make in this case.

False Information or Lying

It may feel very tempting to lie about the information presented on the form, but the long term effects of this act can be very painful. Of course, everyone wants to feel safe or, at least, try to give information about the case in such a manner that the case becomes in his favour. This is very wrong.

It is advised that you do not give any kind of false information to the court while filing the lawsuit. If caught, your case can go totally against you. Therefore, speak the truth and get things in order. Hire a car crash lawyer Los Angeles, who can file the lawsuit for you.

Mistakes on No Fault Forms

There are many types of paperwork involved in No Fault Claims. These include form submission for household services, attendants and nursing case claims. You need to submit these forms in order to receive the payment for the services provided. Therefore, it is important that you fill all the required information in the form correctly. Accuracy is a very critical element of these form submission.

Inaccurate or false information on No Fault Form can result in you losing all the benefits provided under No-Fault. Even a simple mistake in the form can get you labelled as a “Fraud” and if that happens, you will be terminated from all of your No-Fault insurance benefits. Therefore, be sincere and honest about the information on No Fault Forms.

Do not Talk to Anyone About your Case

It is quite expected that when you file a lawsuit, defence lawyers, insurance adjusters and juniors of the at-fault driver may contact you. If not, there will be people interested to know about your case. After that, many would be talking about your case in an exaggerated manner. Therefore, avoid talking about your case with anyone as much as possible.

If anyone hired by the insurance company or at-fault driver calls you to talk, do not talk to them too. Rather, you can ask them to talk to your lawyer and ask him about everything they want to know about.

No Social Media, please

It is quite obvious that once you file a lawsuit, all your moves will be investigated. Defence attorneys will be investigating your social media accounts including Facebook, blogs etc. These can allow them to look for things that can help them to avoid taking full responsibility of the harm they have caused.

Therefore, do not update anything on your social media channels. Be careful about posting photos of your activity. Do not post any new things and avoid social media as much as you can.