The Activa range of automatic scooters is one of the most loved and popular scooter range in the country. The scooter is backed by a very powerful engine and has a number of features attached, making it one of the best scooters in the country. However, Like the case of a coin which has two sides – heads or tails, the Activa 125cc also has its own pros and cons. Activa has received widespread acclaimed for being the best-in class scooter out there and the number of pros for the scooter over-weigh the cons by a landslide. Let’s take a good look at both the Pros and cons of Honda Activa 125.



The biggest advantage that Activa 125 from the other Activa models is the performance upgrade it gets. A 125cc air-cooled, 4-stroke automatic engine is able to provide a maximum power range of 8.7 BHP which is the best in similar price range scooters.

Design and Looks

The overall design of the Honda Activa is inspiring and looks great after all. The addition of new features such as a metallic body and bright LED headlights has improved the design. The floorboard is now larger which allows people on the heavier side to sit comfortably on the scooter.

Suspension and Brakes

Honda Activa comes with its very own combi-braking system which has been given critically acclaimed throughout the years. The front end of the scooter has been provided with 190 mm diameter sized front disc brakes whereas the rear end contains a 135mm drum brake. Also, the scooter is supported by telescopic fork suspension on the front size with an air-spring loaded hydraulic suspension on the rear end.

Good Servicing

Honda prides itself on providing the customers with the best scooter servicing experience among all its competitors. Honda has the largest number of service centers all around the country providing you with the best servicing and maintenance for your Activa.


High Price

Among all the competitors in the same category, the Honda Activa 125 price is the highest of them all. The Activa125 has an ex-showroom price of Rs 56,073 with an On-road price of Rs 61,158 in Delhi. This pricing is slightly highly than other scooters offering the same specifications as Honda Activa 125.

Bouncy Rear Ends

While the powerful engine provides the Activa 125cc with added performance boost, the scooter feels a tad bouncy and unstable at higher speeds. The suspension attached to the rear end feels slightly uncomfortable while taking a bump on high speeds.

Instrument Console

Most people are not satisfied with a digital-analogue Instrument console combination on the Activa 125 and also the lack of information and missing features are also a big disadvantage for most people who have bought this automatic scooter.

Small Storage Space

Despite being one of the best scooters available, Honda Activa provides the rider with a very small storage capacity under the seat cover. Many other competitive scooters across the Indian market provide the riders with a much larger storage boot under the seat for people to store their items.

The Last Words

Honda Activa 125cc is one of the best automatic scooters available in the market. The scooter prevails over its competitions in terms of Mileage, Engine Performance and Suspension and brakes. However, a higher Honda Activa 125 price might be a stumbling block for few people.

Overall, the Honda Activa is a great option to look upon whilst buying a two-wheeler but for people looking for vehicles in slightly lower price range would have to look somewhere else.