Dog owners justify that the dog bite is due to playfulness, possessiveness, maternal instincts, or prey aggression. These reasons do not change the reality that a dog has sunk its teeth in you without any provocation or harm.

Dog bite has obviously given wounds that need instant medical treatment. So, first you will need to consult a good physician. As soon as the initial pain and risk of dog bite gets mitigated, it is necessary to take legal help.

Dog bites give injuries and pain, so you get legal right to receive compensation from the pet owner against –

  • Present & future medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain & anguish experienced
  • Other damages

In this post, let’s understand the reason why hiring dog bite attorney in San Diego is vital, while filing lawsuit against the dog owner.

Understand dog’s history & state’s lease law

In San Diego, dogs brought in private or public area must be restrained by handheld lease maximum 6 feet in length as well as the dog owner must be able to control their pet, every time.

A dog owner, who obeys the lease law, brings his dog in a park and here it attacks an unleashed dog or a person, who was the first aggressor. However, the leased dog will be held responsible because it had an inclination of violence or in spite the dog was leased, you were unable to control it.

It is obvious that when an unleashed dog attacks a person or a leased dog then it can be held responsible for causing harm. In addition, the owner would be liable for violation of lease law in public, even if it was unintentional.

Determining verdict and settlement, the dog’s history is considered. If the dog has ferocious history then in the first case, the leashed dog owner will need to pay compensation.

However, taking help from an expert lawyer will help you get good compensation from this tough situation. They are well-versed in solving such cases and know exactly how to tilt the scales in your favor.

Dog is not wild, blaming it is invalid

Dog owners refuse to accept responsibility and defend their pet. They blame the dog bitten victim for provoking it. Moreover, if witnesses support the dog owner saying that the dog is not wild then you will possibly lose the case because a dog’s history is taken into consideration.

The lawyer is capable of pinpointing some loopholes in defendant’s arguments. After studying the legal aspects, it proves that you did not incite it and were in a place where law does not prohibit you to be.

Handling insurance investigators

Majority of dog bites are administered by insurance providers. Incident is investigated by the insurance company’s lawyer and they work in co-conspirator with dog owners. Insurance company and dog owners desire to pay minimum or no claim amount. They provide strong evidences like witnesses, documents, etc., to weaken your case.

With a legal representative on your side, you can build a strong case against these sharp insurance investigators and get best settlement.