It is believed that Apple MacBook Air 2014 has been the most innovative notebook of the year with the most distinguishing feature, which is the lightweight by Apple Inc. But wait for the most astonishing Apple MacBook Air i.e. Apple MacBook Air 2015.

The co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, announced the first Apple MacBook Air during a lecture at his keynote in 2008 at Macworld Conference & Expo. Surprisingly, the first generation Apple MacBook Air was a 13.3 inch, mostly famous for the world’s thinnest notebook. The features of this MacBook are Intel Merom CPU and Intel GMA graphics. In late 2008, the CPU was updated to a faster, non-custom Penryn CPU and integrated Nvidia GeForce graphics while the hard drive capacity was increased and the micro-DVI video port was replaced by the Mini DisplayPort.

MacBook Air 2015: Release Date Possibilities

And on 20 October, 2010, Apple launched a re-designed model along with improved enclosure, battery, flash storage and screen resolution instead of a hard-drive. And after this many changes were made to the models like better performance.

Now, let’s see some of peculiar specifications and features of Apple MacBook Air are:

  • Lighter, faster and thinner than ever
  • A casing of aluminium
  • A design of full-sized keyboard
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Diagonal displays determining the model
  • New generation of CPUs such as i5 and i7

The release date of Apple MacBook Air 2014 is April, 2014. Well, the release date of Apple MacBook Air 2015 is not officially announced but we have rumoured release date details. And with many expected specifications and features such– Intel Broad-well Core M5Y71 (1.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz), Intel HD 5300 Graphics, 4 GB & 8 GB DDR3 RAM, GPU 900 MHz, Battery backup up to 14 hours, Retina Resolution display and        Touch ID like Finger print sensor.

The prices of Apple MacBook Air 2015 will be varied on the basis of model and the rumoured but expected prices are:

  • Apple MacBook Air 11 2015 price: $ 950 – $ 1000
  • Apple MacBook Air 12 2015 price: $ 1050 – $ 1100
  • Apple MacBook Air 13 2015 price: $ 1150 – $ 1200

Release date possibilities of Apple MacBook Air 2015

There have been many rumours about the release date of new Apple MacBook Air in 2015 but nobody knows when it will come out as there are no words from Apple Inc. It is said that Apple releases their products as per the previous release dates. So, the release date of Apple MacBook Air 2015 is—Apple MacBook Air 11 on around March and April, 2015, Apple MacBook Air 12 on around March and April, 2015, and Apple MacBook Air 13 on around March and April, 2015.

Substantially, next year is not so far and wait is about for few months more only. And, it is believed that the next version of Apple MacBook will be more innovative and high-performance than earlier ones. Now, just sit back and wait. And, keep reading for more updates.