The tide certainly changes when grown children take care of their parents. It’s a beautiful exchange of love because both parents and children have been there for each other for decades. However, it’s important to know how to take care of elderly parents. Take a look at the best tips and tricks when it comes to caring for your parents. Technology and practical design are the tools that you can use.

Installing Grab Bars

One of the best tips for caregivers is focusing on grab-bar installation. Seniors are prone to falls because their balance becomes compromised over the years. The grab bars make any part of the home a safer place. Add them to bathrooms, kitchens or hallways. Be sure that they’re attached to wood studs so that they’re entirely sturdy.

Install them at the proper height as well. They should be at a height that’s comfortable for the senior while maintaining a subtle look in the home. They shouldn’t be the focal point of any room.

Improving Their Meals

Many seniors have problems swallowing their liquids. Feeling the liquid on their tongues and activating the swallowing action is just too difficult. Consider a thickening agent to ease those swallowing woes, such as Simply Thick. When seniors can feel a thick liquid on their tongues, they have an easier time with proper swallowing. The dignity of eating food with no trouble is the reward that seniors receive when you get creative with their recipes.

Trying Smart Clothes

Your parents want some independence, but they can’t run off to just anywhere anymore. They might forget where they are or trip and fall. Protect your parents with the latest technology in clothes. Certain clothing lines have GPS devices built into the material. If your father becomes lost, you can instantly find him with the GPS units.

Smart clothes are also available for health-related needs. Your clothes might ring the local paramedics if the technology notices heart palpitations.

Updating the Bed

Flat, everyday beds won’t make the cut when your parents get older. Look for beds with adjustable bases. A handy controller allows them to move the upper and lower sections of the bed with quiet motors. Be sure to pick a bed with the firmness that each parent enjoys. This bed will often last a decade or more.

If an adjustable base isn’t in the budget, consider a manual lift. These devices attach to the bed so that seniors can pull themselves out. There’s no need for extra help in this department.

Looking at the Flooring

Reduce your stress by making the home as safe as possible for the parents. Look down at the flooring. Consider the type of flooring within the home. Loose rugs, uneven hardwood floors, and thick carpeting can trip up a senior.

Swap out the flooring with a quality material that reduces falls. No one should be able to trip on it. A smooth and sturdy floor is what you’re striving for.

Connecting to the Internet

Regardless of your parents’ level of health, they can both go online to see photos and videos of their children and grandchildren. The Internet gives parents a chance to experience life through social media. Help them find their families and friends because the mental stimulation is incredibly important. There are many devices that are simple to use, too. Voice-command devices, tablets, and smartphones can all access the social media sites that offer a view of the world for seniors.

Creating a Smart Home

Your parents don’t need to move around the home for the mundane things in life, such as turning down the thermostat or switching off the television. Create a smart home with the latest technology. Attach the entertainment system, lights, and HVAC system to one control unit. Your parents might be sitting on the couch, but they can control the home’s electrical items with a few buttons.

Try voice-command devices too. They’re relatively inexpensive, and they still give your parents ultimate control over the interior space.

Always keep an eye on your parent’s health as the years go by. They’ll have different needs as the 70s turn into the 80s. Growing older gives you a chance to see the world through the eyes of your children and grandchildren. Be an instrumental part of your parent’s successful, golden years.